Friday, November 23, 2012

Game Watches: NC State

This is a weird time on a holiday weekend after an awful season. I don't know what sort of turnout the Game Watches will get. If you're tired of turkey though, BC could provide a nice break. Here are the Game Watches I know about. Add yours if it is not listed.

Chicago Game Watch
Tripoli Tap
1147 West Armitage Avenue
New York City Game Watch
Joshua Tree (on 3rd Avenue btw 34th and 35th Streets)

Phoenix Game Watch 
Gallagher's Sports Grill
7575 N. 16th Street

San Francisco Game Watch 
Shanghai Kelly's in San Francisco 2064 Polk Street (corner of Polk and Broadway)
San Francisco

Washington, DC Game Watch
Irish Whiskey Public House (formerly Porter's)
1207 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC


Erik said...

As these bars actually showing ESPN3 or do they have better access to the feed.

BobVanasse said...

Unfortunately, today's game has been moved to ESPN3, an online-only channel, making it impossible for us to host a Washington, DC game watch at Irish Whiskey.

Please keep an eye out for Eagles in DC emails and Chapter Facebook page announcements for upcoming game watches as we follow our #1-ranked defending national champion Eagle ice hockey team and move through the basketball season.

Unknown said...

At least in NYC, we've been able to get a pretty good feed for most espn3 games. I know it doesn't really matter for this season, but figured I'd comment to let future readers (hi future readers!) know.