Sunday, November 25, 2012

Four seasons wasted, let's not make the same mistake again

I've already written plenty on why Spaz deserved to get fired. But as we begin a new search the most important lesson the BC Athletic leadership should learn is not to waste players' and fans' time and energy again. We will have losing seasons again...probably even next year. We will have bad head coaches again. We -- the players and the fans -- are not owed permanent success. What we are owed is a reasonable goal and a plan to reach that goal. You can say Spaz had a plan, but anyone who is honest with themselves or their assessment of Spaz as a coach knows that from Day 1 he was never going to take BC anywhere. He was a placeholder and puppet at best. Every day he was in charge at BC was a day lost. We could have been getting better. Or at least trying to get better. Spaz was always trying to hold someone else's vision together without the freedom or instinct on how to handle the staff, the players, the recruiting or the games themselves. It was painful to watch from afar. I can't imagine what it was like to be part of the team.

Players only get four years to play. Student fans are also limited in their SuperFan experience. It is precious time. I hope our new coach respects that finite window in which our future players and fans build their relationship with BC. We've all just wasted four years. I don't want to waste anymore time.


Unknown said...

Well said. I am an Eagle who started his BC experience with Flutie's final season. I know the chances of having that magic again are slim, especially in the near future. However, I want a team I can be excited to watch on Saturdays. That isn't asking for much. So let's get a winner Brad.

chicagofire1871 said...

This is an interesting point. What kind of connection has BC football made on future alumni who were with Spaz for their entire BC experience? Are these "lost" fans?

mod34b said...

I took a stroll down memory lane to the reaction to the Spaz hire:

Some responses from Spaz's hire in 2009

ATL -"I think this entire situation was mismanaged. I think BC made the wrong hire and wasted this opportunity. Those opinions will not stop me from giving to the school, cheering for BC or attending games. I will root like hell for Frank Spaziani to succeed. "

At 5:21 PM,   mod34b said...  SPAZ ... what a weak choice.  . . . .the one silver lining, is that Spaz will probably exceed the exceedingly low expectatiosn we all colelctively have.   A Very disappointing waste of an opportunity. 

At 6:13 PM,   eagleboston said...
 None of us has any idea whether Spaz is a good hire or a poor hire. Only time will tell. I say he has earned the right to represent the university so let's give him 3 years to show what he can do.

At 11:07 PM,   mmason said...
The beauty of having a Spaziani coached team is you get a game day coach with smarts who knows the ACC offenses.  . . .Spaz  has been putting BC in a place to win for a very long time. All this negativity on his hire reflects a very shabby collective memory of what was real this year and in past years. . . .. 

At 4:35 PM,   Eagle in Brighton said...
 Obviously the man can coach and lead a defense: if we keep Day, and reel in some more energetic youth on the recruiting front, there is a legitimate opportunity for this to work. Granted, it isn't a shoe in, but I just am not buying the fact that the program is screwed for the indefinite future- unless someone cares to expand upon the open disdain for the selection (beyond simply age).

At 10:34 PM,   Big Jack Krack said...
One thing is for sure - Frank Spaziani is our Head Football Coach - let's get some positive energy going.

At 12:44 PM,   Eagle in Somerville said...
I would have preferred Brian Kelly, but this is fine. .

At 12:33 PM,   eagle1331 

I would have preferred London, Kelly, or Fulmer to Spaz... but it is what it is. We can't do anything about it now so let's get behind him. I've talked to two players already that are ecstatic about it and said it should have happened 2 years ago.

Go BC.

mod34b said...

Humorous media reaction 2009


"DeFilippo did look for candidates outside the program, checking on Mike London of Richmond. He also had his eye on Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio. While both candidates were regarded as strong choices for a variety of reasons, there were no guarantees that they would be at BC for the long haul if the Eagles came close to matching the success of the last three years, during while they have produced 30 wins.

In his interview Thursday, Spaziano emphasized his passion for the Eagles, as well as his intention of remaining at BC as long as he was wanted. After spending the weekend studying the list of candidates, DeFilippo felt that Spaziani was the right choice at the right time for the Eagle program, which had been jolted by Jagodzinski's quick departure."

  For Spaziani, who had fretted over the turmoil of the past few weeks as much as anyone, it was the culmination of a career chase which has finally put him in complete control of a program.

HD:  This is not only the most logical hire for the Eagles, but it's also the best choice.

eagleboston said...

Notice that I said 3 years, not 4.

mod34b said...