Monday, November 26, 2012

Six things to remember during the coaching search

Hundreds of names have been posted regarding the coaching search. At least half are utter nonsense. I've already written about some of the names and will profile more this week. In the mean time as we prepare for the search, let's keep these six things in mind:

1. The conference shakeup won't impact things all that much. As a member of the ACC, BC is still part of the "Big Five" and still has access to the playoff. There are a lot of things that still have to unfold and none of it will be decided in the next three weeks. The "A" list might hesitate, but that is because guys like Golden and Mullen already have access to the BCS. If they are going to make a move it will be about improving their chances to win national championships. It won't be about going to a program that is outside of the "Big Four" in three or four seasons.
2. There won't be many real candidates also in the mix at other jobs. The openings at Cal, Colorado, NC State, and Purdue won't greatly impact BC. Dave Doeren might get interest from some of those schools. Mike MacIntyre will have interest from the West Coast schools, but overall we are going to have a much more deliberate plan and won't just chase a "hot" name for a this job.
3. New names will arise. Ball State Pete Lembo is earning attention and will be part of the initial list. Other names will also pop up as agents, friends of BC and Bates begin exploring back channels. I know someone like Lembo doesn't inspire many people but for a B List choice, he is very strong.
4. The new coach will be young. Every school tends to hire the opposite of their last coach. BC is no exception. We are not going to hire someone over 60 or even nearing 60. That means Mike Sherman is not happening.
5. There will be plenty of courtesy calls and interviews. Bates is not a bridge burner like Gene was. If legitimate guys call, they will get a call back. If former BC players call, Bates will speak with them. This doesn't mean that a guy like Jim Turner is a real candidate, but it might lead to him getting a courtesy interview. Those sorts of calls will appease the football alumni and help Bates rebuild the spirit around the football program.
6. NFL guys are the great unknown. Bates knows the MAC and that is probably where our new coach is from, but he respects the NFL aspect of BC. Because of his son and just the way he dealt with things, Gene knew many NFL people. Bates has spent all of his career in college sports. He will talk to NFL guys like Tim Sullivan and Pete Carmichael, but I don't know how they will fare. 


JBQ said...

The king is dead. Long live the king!

ccw said...

I disagree about not having competition. If we're serious about the MAC guys, Diaco or Narduzzi, then we'll be bumping into other programs.

AA said...

Atl - there are not 5 power conferences. There are 4. Then there are the bottom conferences (Big East, MAC, CUsa, etc) In between is the ACC. It is now a three tiered system, at least moving forward it will be.