Friday, November 30, 2012

ICYMI: some links from the past week

SI gathered a mock selection committee to develop a Final Four for football. It is an interesting process and hints that the four-team playoff will expand to eight or 16 teams quickly.

The Sports Pickle made BC the center of their bit on conference shuffling. Do you think the neighbors would complain about the noise created during the raid?

BC Magazine profiled Steve Donahue. Since it came from a BC outlet, it easily could have been a fluff piece, but I thought they were fair and helped inform on Donahue's style and approach.

This is over a week old, but if you haven't seen it already, please watch the ESPN piece on Tom Coughlin and the McGillis family.

Mark Herzlich called this one of the better pieces on him. Definitely worth the watch.


mod34b said...

The Sports Pickle must be a sour pickle.

Not good

eagleboston said...

Northern Illinois just won its second straight MAC title. Bates needs to interview Doeren ASAP before someone else hires him.

EL MIZ said...

agree ATL -- people acting like we are slowly moving to this inevitable 4 superconference world miss the fact that 4 is going to expand to 8 in just a few hours, at which point the ease of having 4 "superconferences" that each send 1 representative will be gone.

an 8-team playoff would also make all of this raiding and poaching nonsense irrelevant and would give some stability to the conferences as they are. once teams now that certain conferences send in their champion and you can make it as an at-large if you go undefeated or have a strong enough SOS, all of this realignment nonsense will finally come to an end.

when does bates start talking to candidates, if you couldn't tell i'm getting antsy.

nceaglefan said...

Watched the NI v Kent State last night, if Doeren brings that QB with him give him 5 Mil a year! I thought both teams had more talent at the skill positions than we do, way more speed.

EL MIZ said...

Doeren to NC State, who has been without a coach for as long as BC has.

i sure hope Bates knows what he is doing. i am all for a thorough search but at the same time, vacancies are going to start filling up and we could be left with a lesser candidate b/c of a refusal to act fast.

eagleboston said...

Now that Doeren is out, I have a revised top 5 (again, a couple of these are pie-in-the-sky).

1) Bill O'Brien
2) Al Golden
3) Bobby Diaco
4) Darrell Hazell
5) Butch Jones

Ry said...

Just saw Clifford in a boot and on crutches outside Conte. Bad news.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, that Coughlin video is awesome, and the Steve D article ia also very good. Nice pickup.

Lenny Sienko said...

..."Doeren was set to fly to Raleigh, N.C., Saturday afternoon on a university plane..."

That's the answer. We should have sent the BC plane to pick up Diaco.

CT said...

An eight team playoff will only mean that there would or will be six SEC teams. A four teamer would've meant three this year. Let's rid ourselves of the notion that we need auto tie-ins when that'll preclude some of the best teams, most of whom reside in the SEC, from playing when it matters most. Jim Delaney is a dinosaur. Nobody wants to watch weak Big 10 teams get run over. Same for the ACC. I'm sure the conferences will push for auto tie-ins, but watching Kansas State get pummeled wouldn't be any fun.

Go lay the points on the NCG. It'll never be easier to make some scratch for those BC meal plans. ND is

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