Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No assistant announcement coming, TV ratings and other links

Beyond Ryan Day there is still no official word on who will be part of Addazio's BC staff. I reached out to BC for some sort of confirmation on the various rumors and was told everything is still TBD.

If you're a frustrated BC fan and cannot understand why Notre Dame received a partial membership in the ACC, just look at this TV ratings chart. The resurgent Irish proved to be a solid TV draw throughout the season. If you look further into this listing you'll see that even in a very down year, BC held its own on the TV front.

If you want to get a feel for how College Presidents and ADs scramble during this conference shuffling, read what Cincinnati did in an attempt to join the ACC.

Local Atlanta FBS newbie Georgia State hired Jags as their OC. Jags has been through a lot professionally since he left. I hope he succeeds this time around.

Hockey East name Michael Matheson Co-Rockey of the Week.

Several Eagles are trying out for the MLS.


EL MIZ said...

i assume Addazio is vetting his nationwide coaching contacts to come up with the best candidates.

my only wishes are replacing Bollman and McGovern. O-Line and entire D were the 2 biggest weaknesses this past year.

Addazio is on the road recruiting, visiting people, telling his story about his "unforgettable" encounter with Leahy, about his BC Vision, etc. -- who else is with him? BC should be going hard at a few big targets to finish this class strong.

Eagle 1 said...

Kudos to BC for being in the Top 10 schools nationwide for graduating black male athletes. FSU was in the bottom 10. Disgrace:


CatabEagle said...

Eagle 1:

That stat reflects one of the dirty underbellies of collegiate athletics. Schools like FSU, UGA, and UT have horrible histories of racial discrepencies in grad rates. I'm proud of our commitment to all our athletes.

Eagle 1 said...


Agreed. I hope Addazio hands a highlighted copy of that report to every black family that he meets on his recruiting tour.

CatabEagle said...


Without question, that should be a priority. The City of Boston has a horrible reputation among the african american community nationally. We need to get through to recruits that Boston and BC are places where all students can thrive and their academic futures are just as large a concern as their athletic ones. I work with several BC FB alums and they all recognize the support BC gave them greatly exceeded thier peers at other BCS schools.

Joseph said...

Thanks for the link E1. Ever to excel means for all to excel.

AA said...

Dazoo is conducting a national search to get the best assistants...for $300k that is.

Still don't see the large financial commitment to winning that I see in the rest of the non-Wake Forest ACC.

mod34b said...


The City of Boston has a horrible reputation among the african american community nationally. We need to get through to recruits that Boston and BC are places where all students can thrive

Why are you slyly associating the alleged reputation of Boston with BC?

Does the supposed reputation of Boston sully the reputations of Harvard, MIT, Tufts, BU, NU etc? NO

Do african-american and other diverse students shy away from Harvard, BU, MIT, Tufts, etc? NO

So why impute the supposed sins of Boston to BC? Is BC in some different category then the rest of the schools? NO

Joseph said...

Bill Russell always commented that the City had a bad reputation. There have been plenty of posts here about hiring coaches and recruiting players that refer to Boston as being a major draw. It is, but it would be foolish to not be aware of a possible reputation problem with African American players and coaches. Personally, I think those days are thankfully pretty much over,but be aware.

mod34b said...

ah, Joe, Bill Russell joined the Celts in 1956 -- 66 years ago.

mod10aeagle said...

Catab may have projected "the sins of Boston" onto BC, but he certainly didn't impute them "to BC", which would be to suggest a causal relationship (that BC was to blame for Boston's sins).

Thank you, BC A&S.

Lenny Sienko said...

El Miz:

Do you have a reference or source for:

"...Addazio is on the road recruiting, visiting people, telling his story about his "unforgettable" encounter with Leahy, about his BC Vision, etc....".

I'm interested in the "unforgettable encounter with Leahy" as I had not seen a report on that. It might explain more about the hire.

Thanx in advance.

Joseph said...

Yah, mod. I knew that but it still happened and he was just the first of many. My point was simply that reputations get started at some point and can take a long time to shake even if the causality has been eliminated or reduced.

So, I still say be aware. If you think that we should ignore that possibility, then maybe you have a better idea.

EL MIZ said...

my source for DAZIO being on the road come from recruits tweeting that they have been or would soon meet him.

the "unforgettable" encounter was a joke -- he described meeting Leahy at his press conference and he said something like "i had the opportunity to meet fr. leahy...that...that was special...wow he is something else."

mod10aeagle said...

At least he didn't say, "What's up with the Neru shirt?"

mod34b said...

tsk tsk ___10eagle, You have dishonored the name "Mod", and BC too. I hope to God Father Neenan is not reading this.

____10eagle, you must not have been in a "word" centric major. Bio, maybe?

here is a dictonary defintion of Impute: "Definition of IMPUTE 1: to lay the responsibility or blame for often falsely or unjustly"

Imputation implies a transfer -- often unfairly -- of responsibility not causation.

And ___10, you probably were not a theology major, because you would known that Adam's sins are imputed to all of us, even though we did not cqaused the sin. Imputed sin

of course, I could be completely wrong too, esp. about 'ol Adam! :-)

CatabEagle said...

Mod34B -

For several years I've been apart of a City of Boston working group attempting to determine, among other things, why large corporations, law firms, and yes, universities, fail to attract african americans from similar occupations in similar cities. We found that yes, even Harvard, MIT, NU, Tufts, as well as State Street, Fidelity, Staples, etc..lose out on recruiting african-americans due to this perceived hostility. So it is very much on the mind of surveyed african-americans per the HR divisions of these universities and companies, which could indicate that it would also be on the mind of potential student-athletes and their families.

CatabEagle said...


So, as my research has shown, if african americans have stated that they chose to work at NorthernTrust in Chicago over StateStreet in Boston due to these issues, then it certainly be something on the minds of BC as we try to recruit players against Northwestern, Duke, UVA, and Vandy.

Joseph said...

Excellent post . If SA is half the recruiter that we think he might be, then I'm sure that this will always be a subtle part of his sales pitch. There is no point in ever bringing up a POTENTIAL negative, but a good sales person will always be aware of potential negatives and work the positive argument into the presentation. At the same time, a good sales person will be ready to deflect negatives when they are raised. This report will certainly help.

mod34b said...

Thank you Catab. Sounds like you have a very interesting job.

Can you point me to some published research on this point?

I remain dubious that Harvard or MIT, for starters, have any problems attracting African-American students based on the perceived generalized reputation of Boston, the City. But, you have studied the issue, so are probably right, and i am probably wrong.

Nonetheless, I would like to see the research.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mod34b said...

Catab -- one more item.

you say "which could indicate that it would also be on the mind of potential student-athletes and their families."

That is a fairly weak statement.

Does that mean you have no evidence to support the notion that the reputaion of Boston has a negative impact upon BC's ability to recruit African-American student-athletes?

CatabEagle said...


My real job is much less interesting. This was a public board I was apart of.

Here is one of the pieces of research that was reviewed.


CatabEagle said...

Mod34B -

Here's another article from Boston Magazine.


CatabEagle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CatabEagle said...

Mod34b -

Per your last statement, to be clear I know of no research commissioned or that has undergone peer-review that specifically addresses the challenges of Boston College recruiting african american student athletes.

On my board were several members of the african american community (some were BC grads) who felt it necessary through personal and professional experience that the city of boston look into reasons why african americans nationally perceived Boston as a racially hostile city, and its impact on our local corporations and universities. All extensions of that towards BC's ability to recruit african americans were done by yours truly.

NEDofSavinHill said...

The sex tape case against Rudolf ended with a 3 month cwof (continuance w/o a finding). That is essentially the prosecutor saying " I surrender". It means there was nothing to the case. If the government had even a marginal case it wouldn't nave agreed to this. The shyster lawyer representing the alleged victim is threatening a suit. Absolutely zero prospect of success.2. Notice ESPN reports this trivial matter while it spent years covering up the Bernie Fine case. The serious crime gets ignored but the non existent offense is noted

Joe Gravellese said...

Fair or unfair, Catab is right about that perception. (And I do say it's unfair.)

BC in general has a very low african-american population so being able to point to those grad #s is a fantastic thing.

We do great w/ grad rates for ALL athletes of ALL backgrounds - something to be very proud of

Langsgangs said...

After Tampa Bay, why has Jags had such a hard time finding employment in big time college football or in the NFL? Is there some scoop other than him undermining the head coach in Tampa Bay and interviewing for the Jets job?

WestCoaster said...

Great stuff - important too, IMO, to acknowledge the perception that still exists re Boston in some circles. That said, we are hardly alone and the good of BC/opportunty would seem to make that an issue that is easily overcome for the right players (Stanford out here in Palo Alto good case in point). The right approach, mixed with the right vision (i.e., sales pitch), aimed at the right kind of BC candidate, washes all the data and perceptions away.

Joseph said...

Ned, maybe if it were your daughter that had her privacy violated in such a mean and mindless fashion, you might not think it to be trivial. It seems that no one disputes the fact that Rudolph did, indeed, record them, or doubts that it got spread around. For that she is justified in being deeply offended. I hope that she does sue and win against him. Against BC, you are right, not a legal chance. It was a stupid student who did the wrong.

I too doubt that it reached the level of criminality, but mean and sexist? definitely.