Sunday, January 20, 2013

McGovern to Philadelphia Eagles

Long-time BC staffer Bill McGovern is leaving BC to join Chip Kelly. I teased this news on Twitter Friday, but waited to make the full announcement until I got further confirmation (as I've been burned before). Although I appreciate McGovern's contributions to BC over the years, I think it is best that he moves onto new things.

First McGovern gains NFL experience. He also gets to be part of the Chip Kelly-NFL grand experiment. If this works, it could be the type of coaching hire that changes the League. Finally it allows Addazio and McGovern to have a fresh start with the BC Defense.

McGovern was invaluable to BC over the years, but no one knows how this transition was going to work. Taking a demotion and working for yet another BC coach might have dulled McGovern's energy and outlook. Was he ready to recruit hard again? Was he going to work well with Don Brown? McGovern's been very adaptable over the years, but this was going to be different.

This also allows Addazio to distance himself from Spaz. The continuity benefit that McGovern provided isn't as critical with Day and Washington on board. Now the staffer most closely associated with Spaz is gone...and although there was plenty of blame to go around for our 2012 defense, it was technically McGovern's job. There was some subtle pressure to keep McGovern, so now Addazio has free reign to hire any LB coach he wants.

I think McGovern will do well with Kelly and in the NFL. Players love him and he's a sound position coach. Best of luck to him.


mod34b said...

McGovern's defense was #110/124 last year. Each year he was DC, his squad was worse than the year before.

Glad he is moving on.

dixieagle said...

Not crying over this one. Wishing him good luck in Philly.

Knucklehead said...

What job is he taking there?