Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pantale's Shrine game and other links

Chris Pantale caught two passes in the East-West Shrine game. The West side won the game.

Men's Hockey bounced back from Friday's loss to beat Northeastern.

Silas Spearman is now one of BC's main recruiting targets.


matthew2 said...

"Spearman was excited to arrive at Boston College, where head coach Steve Addazio is expected to offer Spearman a scholarship. If the offer does come, and it’s expected to, it’d be hard for Spearman to pick elsewhere.

“You know, it’s a great school from an educational standpoint and I will be able to compete in the ACC,” Spearman said, “so if everything goes well, I think I have a big decision to make.”"

-Jeff Greer, Palm Beach Post (Friday)

JBQ said...

The link goes to the SunSentinel of Miami. Spearman is the player of the year for 8A-7A-6A. If BC can get him, it would be quite a cooup for Addazio. It would also up the PR for the incoming coach. It also states that UConn is after him. He must have connections in the East and would be willing to throw away life in a warm environment. Rettig is a beach bunny from California. I have always wondered about his sanity for giving up his surfboard. Maybe, he didn't wear his helmet in a few high school games. Nevertheless, I am glad to have him and the same would hold true for Spearman.

nceaglefan said...

I have been very critical of the Addazio hire but it does seem like he is a tireless recruiter, it is nice to see all the activity and all the names we are in on, a very nice change from the old regime!