Thursday, February 14, 2013

Who had it best?

After yesterday's post on the worst of times, I thought it might make sense to determine whose four years on the Heights were the best. As always leave your opinion below.

Class of 2008

  • Four winning and exciting seasons of Football
  • Matt Ryan's various comebacks topped off by the Virginia Tech game
  • The final year in Big East basketball and our strong start
  • The Sweet 16 run in 2006
  • GameDay on campus for basketball and football
  • A National Championship in Hockey
  • The move to the ACC
The only dark clouds during this four years were all about the near misses. We almost went to the Fiesta Bowl when they were freshmen. We almost won the ACC Tournament against Duke in 2006. We lost the ACC Championship. We came up short in a few Frozen Fours. But overall this was a great four year run.

Class of 1994
  • David Gordon's kick
  • Knocking off North Carolina en route to the Elite Eight
  • The rise of Tom Coughlin
  • A Thrilling Beanpot win in 1994
The highs for this group were really high, but there was also plenty of lowpoints. Hockey endured the Cedorchuck mess. Prior to the Elite Eight run, JOB's basketball teams underachieved. Football was great but they still only witnessed two winning seasons.

Class of 1985
  • Four years of Doug Flutie culminating with the Heisman and Miracle in Miami
  • A Frozen Four appearance in 1985
  • Four really good basketball years, including one Elite Eight and one Sweet 16
  • One Beanpot title
In my opinion this was probably the ultimate time to be a BC fan. The Flutie years changed so much about the school and where were are today. Flutie was also the most exciting player in college sports. That is something we've never come close to recapturing. He also was embraced within Boston. Maybe that had more to do with him being from Natick than BC capturing the imagination of the locals, but that added to the moment. The basketball run was very underrated too. BC was playing really good basketball and the Big East was at its apex. 


Turd Ferguson said...

Biased, however I would propose 2010.

-basketball was on the decline though still 2 tourney appearances, 1w, along with the game day, and victories over duke and unc over that time. Despite losing the 34 pt first half against unc by Rice (though also 08).

Football you have both acc title games, though the beginning of spaz, still 4 winning seasons. First game was the double overtime w over Clemson at home. Also the herzy game day.

Hockey 3 title games, 2 national championships, and despite the loss, frozen Fenway game.

If anything I would say fall 2005-spring 2010 was the most prosperous 5 years when you look st all 3 major sports as a whole.

mod34b said...

1980's were the best! I was there. I even helped a young football QB named Doug at the computer labs in the basement of Gasson (?) disentagle his computer code (Basic). I played basketball in the plex against an intense dude named DeOssie (he was terrible at hoops)

But you are right about the BE and hoops. It was king for sure in 1985. Final Four was G'Town (Ewing), SJU (Chris Mullin), and 'Nova. BC got to the sweet 16 with the fabulous Michael Adams, only to lose in a heart breaker to Memphis State led by Keith Lee and 7'1" Wm. Bedford by 2.

Football was insane too. No explanation needed.

One big plus back then was that tailgaiting was an absoulte blast. I never saw a cop once, no one ever gave the fans a hard time and the beer never stopped flowing ... The drinking age was 18 too (it changed right around then too to 21).

It might also have been the birth of the whale (or it is wale)
pants legend. I used to laugh at the old fart alumni wearing wide-wale cords, with little blue whale belts, and with a cable-knit sweaters around their necks (their wives must have picked this crap out). Hideously, many would wear cords with 4 panels of color. But they were fun alums.... often offering free beveages to the students.

Soxx22 said...

As member of the class of 1994 i would vote for that. The key was how good the '93-'94 season was. Gordon's kick, the Beanpot and the Elite Eight run all happened that year. the previous years weren't nearly as good. But i'll tell you, that was a hell of a year to be a senior.

JMC said...

One problem with class of 94 was that after freshman year, hockey was awful. 94 was a great year to be a senior and I enjoyed it, but the West Virginia loss was probably the most painful BC loss I ever witnessed, aside from maybe the 06 Nova tourney loss. We also were there when the Henning hire was announced (everyone knew what a bone head move that was as soon as it was announced- kind of like the Spaz hire). Still, all in all, Class of 94 was certainly a great time to be at BC.

WestCoaster said...

Gotta go with '85. As a '81 grad things were getting really nicely primed, which added to the buzz of the next four years. The NCAA runs in the early 80s (Michael Adams dribbling through oppnent's legs, almost taking out Olajuwon and Drexler in the '82 Elite eight) were ecstasy, the Big East ruled, the Flutie era in its entirety was like a fantasy. Hockey was supplanting BU as the powerhouse...and even the publicity around the point-shaving scandal added some buzz. Felt like BC was in the middle of an electric time for college sports.

Joseph said...

Amazing that between 1863 and 1985 nothing happened with BC sports.

Joseph said...

Amazing that between 1863 and 1985 nothing happened with BC sports.

eagleboston said...

1985 hands down. Nothing in BC history compared to the Flutie era. He put BC on the map (before the 80's, BC was merely a regional school that was barely mentioned west of the Mississippi). BC is one of the smallest schools to have a Heisman winner and the hype surrounding Flutie was unlike anything BC has experienced before or since.

Heck, I may owe my entire adult life to Flutie. Growing up in the Midwest, where Catholic lads were taught that the only Catholic school that mattered was Notre Dame, I had never heard of BC. Back in those days, ESPN did not have college football, so ABC and CBS broadcasted 2-3 games each Saturday. The halftime shows consisted of an anchor reading scores and stats (no video highlights). I kept hearing, "And Doug Flutie of Boston College threw for 300 more yards today." Then, a BC rep stopped by my school, dropped off a brochure and I applied. I had some of the best years of my life, met my wife (married 21 years), and received a great education. Thank you, Doug Flutie!

Walter said...

I'm glad the first comment mentioned 2010. Granted I'm also biased there, but we had excellent football and hockey, and decent basketball in that stretch.

Bravesbill said...

Let's talk about what the worst year in the 2000s was for BC athletics (when it was at its peak). That would be the Class of 2005. No conference championships, no tournament championships, no hockey championships. A choke to blow a BCS appearance. Eliminations by lower seeds in the NCAA tournament. Failing to make the NCAA tournament in Troy Bell's last year. Matt Ryan didn't transform the football team until 2006 and 2007. The only highlight was the basketball team starting out 20-0 and ranked #2 in the country (before losing 5 of their next 10, including an early elimination to WVU in the Big East Tourney and getting upset by Wisconsin-Green Bay in the real tournament).

mod34b said...

BB - this is comment section for the "best."

"Worst" was last week.

Also, very dark BB. I thought you were emerging from the darkness into light?

blist said...

I was '94 and those were good years, but yeah, 1985 has us beat