Saturday, April 06, 2013

Finch finally gone and other thoughts on the first scrimmage

Every time there is a coaching change it is a chance for a player to get a fresh start. With Addazio's desire to run the ball, someone like Duece Finch (who has shown potential but also had a star-crossed career) might have thrived in his final year. Instead, he has left the team. No real reason other than "personal." Let's hope he graduates this spring and finds a good place for himself next year.

As important on Saturday was the team's first scrimmage. The good news is that we still passed the ball! Rettig was efficient and they didn't make him run much. Addazio praised Rettig's progression and thinks he is coming along.  And Rettig seems ready to do whatever the coaches want.

Anyone who feared Addazio would try to make Rettig into Tim Tebow can probably rest easy. But it does sound like there will be run-oriented packages for Bordner. In general I hate the two QB system, but I am willing to be patient during the Spring.

The other good news is that the scrimmage was packed with recruits. Addazio is getting guys to check us out. Now it is a matter of closing.

Finally, all reports said the tone and intensity was markedly different. The guys were hitting hard. I don't think that a few hard hitting practices changes a programs (in fact, Spaz had some very physicals practices), but it does sound like the guys are buying in and want to win.


mod10aeagle said...

I'm sorry to see Finch go. I don't anything about his work ethic or character, but I always thought he had tremendous potential, if someone could just teach/train him to hold onto the ball. I had hopes that Addazio would be able to do what the previous regime couldn't.

mod10aeagle said...

There was a nice write up on the scrimmage in the Globe today. They describe Rettig going after one of his receivers, in a good way, after the receiver ran the wrong route. Retting told him the correct route and then showed him by running it himself. Done right and welcomed by the receiver as helpful instruction, according to the reporter. Nice leadership from Rettig.