Friday, April 05, 2013

Tweets of the Week


mod34b said...

Blauds is hysterical (and delusional)

mark blaudschun @blauds

Rutgers should act quickly and hire the anti-Mike Rice. Our choice would be Al Skinner

"Our choice" Mark?

Mark there is no "our" it is just you, a solo, rotten, washed up, never-was hack

(Perhaps this is a tad too much.. nah . . .ha!)

Seriously, I hope RU hires someone with some cajones, just not a jackass like Rice.

The RU AD Pernetti is not going to sych with mismatch.


Joseph said...

But maybe the new AD will.

Momah once again shows class.

mod34b said...

Joseph ... excellent point.. I did not know .... Pernetti is supposedly geting fired today! Bye-Bye Tim

Still think RU will and can do much better than Al Skinner...

mod10aeagle said...

According to the coverage on the official BC site, Finch has left the team "for personal reasons".

Get on that ATL!

JBQ said...

I know that it is only Spring but someone should tell the "Incredible Hulk" in the picture on the artificial turf that he has his "tail gun" way too high. In order to win, you have to work on the "minutest" of mistakes.