Thursday, April 04, 2013

BC Stuff

Every once in a while I go looking for BC stuff online. As you can imagine, I am tempted by any BC tchotchkes but I didn't break down and buy any of these items.

We don't have room for RVs on campus, but if we did, wouldn't you want to cover your wheels with these wheel covers?

I haven't seen fuzzy dice on many cars lately, but maybe "BC" fuzzy dice will spark a comeback.

We have glass on our front door, so there is no room for a knocker. But don't think I didn't think about this.

I'm in the suburbs and have three kids. We buy a lot of groceries and end of using the plastic shopping bags for all sorts of things. But if my wife and I lived still lived in the city and only shopped at the local farming coop, we would totally use this shopping bag.

Is this even a BC approved Eagle logo?

Can anyone explain why this BC belt buckle has an extra "C."

BC beanbag frog? Sure, why not.

Notice the historical inaccuracy here? We didn't have the slanted logo during the 1957 season. Silly Matchbox.

If you wanted something to go with the beanbag doll, how about this?

The Power Bracelet is junk science, but wearing the BC logo is sure to give you a healthy boost.

My hair is short, but I think I might wear these extensions next fall.


Unknown said...

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MUD said...


Joseph said...

You can use the cloth shopping bag no matter where you live. We live in a suburb but use cloth bags frequently when we don't need either paper or plastic. The plastic is good for doggie poop. The paper are good for newspapers and other recyclable paper.

If I ever get and RV (probably never) I will certainly get those great wheel covers. Too cool.

WW, go back to bed.

Langsgangs said...


I did some digging including an email to the ebay seller of that 1950's vintage BC buckle. He does not know. He thought BC might have been Boston Community College at one point, obviously not the case. My best guess is that maybe it is a Boston College Club buckle?? Was the Boston College Club around back in the 50s? Anyways, if you ever figure it out, I would love to know the answer ...

chicagofire1871 said...

I wonder if the BCC belt buckle even pertains to BC. While the building resembles Gasson, there are some inaccuracies that even someone working off of a 1950s view of the building probably wouldn't have made. For example there are no windows over the lower arch in the center and the building on the buckle seems to extend further on each side than Gasson really does. Additionally, orange and black have never been BC colors.
Perhaps these are just minor things, but a quick google search of "BCC" turns up quite a few schools with those initials. Might it not even be our BC?