Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Baseball wins again! and other links

The Baseball team beat Harvard Wednesday 8-6 in our oft postponed home opener. Harvard is not particularly good either, but these are the types of wins our team needs. Our next game is against Clemson on Friday.

Johnny Gaudreau is a finalist for the Hobey Baker award.

Addazio keeps targeting local kids and offered Roxbury Latin's Kevin Cohee.

Rutgers probably won't hire Al Skinner but they should. Katz -- a long-time supporter of Al -- mentioned his name for the opening too.


Claver2010 said...

Katz has never met a HC job he couldn't pump Skinner for.

Ry said...

Skinner deserves a shot somewhere....Rutgers seems like a decent enough fit. I would like to think he'd at least get an interview.

Matt said...

this is great, hopefully BC can become a destination for New England players

Cohee is the sixth in-state player to receive an offer from the Eagles in the Class of 2014 this offseason. BC received a commitment last Friday from Doherty defensive back Isaac Yiadom; they've also offered St. John's Prep running back Jonathan Thomas, Millis/Hopedale lineman Jon Baker, Everett defensive back Lubern Figaro, and St. Sebastian's linebacker Connor Strachan.

Knucklehead said...

Rutgers would be a perfect fit for Al. Rutgers coming off of having an absolute psychopath would move on to the exact opposite some one who is apathetic.

Perfect fit.

Look for Coen to get a sniff at that job to.

eagleboston said...

Really impressed with Addazio so far. The first step to turning this thing around is to build a moat around New England and do everything you can to keep the best players home. This is something Spaz failed to do. We need to be patient but I do believe this coach will be a success.

EL MIZ said...

it becomes clearer by the day that Spaz had absolutely zero plan. the guy was such a sunk cost for 3 years, its really too bad. our failure to hire a legitimate coach after Jags set this program back, but it seems like Addazio could be the guy to right the ship -- he is an enthusiastic and proactive recruiter, he has a game plan in terms of how he wants to play and what sort of players he wants to recruit, and he is positive and enthusiastic. Spaz literally was the complete opposite in every respect -- we didn't care about recruiting, we had no team identity, and he was a negative curmudgeon just collecting a check. what an absolute disgrace.

Lenny Sienko said...

Any hard information on what is happening daily at Spring Practice?