Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gene's role in conference shuffle, BC-ND in Ireland? and other links

This is a good rundown of all the crazy moments of conference realignment. Of course Gene saying that ESPN pulls all the strings won't be forgotten.

Irish Central is reporting that BC and Notre Dame are considering a game in Ireland in 2015. BCI is against the idea, but I am for it. Losing out on one road trip to South Bend is not a big deal. For all those BC students who miss the experience, they can instead replace it with an unforgettable trip to Ireland. The only downside for BC is the logistical one. But I am sure we could play it in a slot that works for both teams. We need events like this to get excitement going. I cannot think of a better game for BC than one against Notre Dame in Ireland.

Addazio had a positive outlook on the loss of the Spring Game. It really meant no injuries and more one-on-one time with recruits.

Tuesday's baseball game with Hartford was cancelled due to rain.

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