Friday, July 19, 2013

Addazio's love of the Cape and other links

Greg Joyce is no longer a BC student, but he's still writing about the Eagles. In this feature, he spends time with Steve Addazio on the Cape. I know I should be cynical about this stuff, but I really do feel that Addazio is where he wants to be. I don't know if BC was really his "dream job" more than UConn or even Syracuse, but I think being in New England and near his family will make this  job and rebuild all that more special to him.

When he's done with his summer vacation, Addazio will head back to Bristol for ESPN's Car Wash. Addazio will be part of the ACC contingent on July 30.

Andre Williams is a preseason Doak Walker candidate.

Momah keeps earning good mentions out of Philly's camp.

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