Monday, December 09, 2013

Williams invited to Heisman ceremony in NYC

Andre Williams is a Heisman Finalist. Who would have ever thought of that before the season? Williams remains a long shot to win the award over FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston, but this is truly a case of being honored by the nomination. Williams is one of two running backs at the ceremony and the only one to break 2,000 yards. The Finalists are SEC heavy and QB heavy, so maybe there is an outside chance that a split vote favors Andre.

The presentation will be on ESPN this Saturday night. Addazio and Williams will both be there. It will be just one more opportunity to promote and represent BC to a national audience. I know it will be the first time I've watched the show in years.

Congratulations obviously go to Williams and his Offensive Line. Credit should also go the the Fullbacks, Tight Ends and WRs who also blocked for him. And to Rettig too for taking a back seat this season. The Football Staff deserve thanks for putting together an effective offense around Wiliams and Sports Information deserve credit for putting together a late season Heisman campaign.

I am prepared for Winston to win, but I will dream that Andre pulls the upset right up to when they open the envelope.


dixieagle said...

If they pay any attention to the mission statement - "excellence with integrity" - we know who should win, but I'm realistic.

Hoping he has the Doak Walker wrapped up, but Tre Mason is starting to make me nervous with his performance this past Saturday.

Benjamin said...

The frustrating thing about Tre Mason, not to take away from his accomplishments, is that he had an extra week to play, and more chances with the national spotlight. No one was talking about him seriously before this weekend. Good on him, but hopefully voters don't have the attention span of gold fishes.


mod34b said...

Congrats to Andre. He achieved greatness despite having a bad OC. He's that good. Imagine if our OC knew how to keep the defense off balance.

Check out this stat: BC was last in the ACC in number of offensive plays. BC was 124/125 nationally in offensive plays.

As to this, No: "The Football Staff deserve thanks for putting together an effective offense around Williams"

Maybe this: " Wiliams deserve thanks for putting together effective offense performances despite the bad Offensive Football Staff"

Benjamin said...

Mod, you've got to stop twisting the stats. The point is that the coaches had a game plan on offense, executed, and won because of it. We ran quite of few more plays last year, and went 2-10. We also scored more points this year than last year. Our offense may be conservative but it works and was conducive for a Heisman candidate. We couldn't keep the defense off balance, because the rest of our offense was unbalanced. Enjoy the fact we have winning season and a Heisman candidate. Credit the staff at least for making it happen.

EL MIZ said...

Addazio, Day and line coach Justin Frye studied Stanford's power schemes, which use six and seven linemen, to become a cutting-edge offense through old-school smashmouth football. "You know what part of the problem is?" Addazio said. "Teams don't know how to defend it anymore. What they practice against all day long is spread teams and zone teams. Their players have a hard time on knock-you-back gap schemes. Teams aren't ready for it."
The Eagles are on a four-game winning streak, outscoring opponents 72-43 in the fourth quarter. In the last three games, Day calculated that Boston College has averaged 14 yards a play in the fourth (not including victory formation); nine of its 47 plays have been explosive plays.

Read More:

mod34b said...

Benjamin -- if you wish to delude yourself, you may do so. and, yes, i did enjoy the season.

which stats did I twist? that BC was 124/125 in number of offensive plays. Nothing was twisted. Perhaps, you are the twister.

But facts are stubborn things.....BC's had a bad offense. How much more could Andre have achieved if we had a good OC? How many more points? How many more yards...really? How many more wins...? We had a great OL and great RB. We had a QB who regressed under the current regime. Imagine if he had an effective coach. Rettig has talent. It went to waste.

check out BC's Redzone attempts, 3rd down conversion, number of plays ran, etc.....look at the basic metrics that suggest (or don't) that the offense in moving ball and being effective.

However, if your idea of being a fan is different, well enjoy that too.

EL MIZ said...

you gotta be a true knucklehead to write "despite having a bad OC" in the comments section to a post where it is announced Andre Williams is going to NYC for the Heisman! LOL worthy, i'm pretty sure mod34B is ObserverCollege. if so, well done. if not, seek help.

mod34b said...

El Miz, you always resort to name calling when you are out of ideas.. Hysterical.

Benjamin said...

Mod, serious questions:
1)What are your evaluations of this year's staff compared to last year?
2) What is your evaluation of the defense in factoring wins/losses a la Syracuse?

EL MIZ said...

i throw silly names in because began complaining about my "namecalling" when i wasn't calling you any names.

seriously man, seek help - ATL just did a post on how our running back is going to the Heisman ceremony and you are writing about how the OC is bad and posting random stats about how many plays we run. our defense stunk and we ran a lot, did it occur to you that we were playing at a deliberate tempo in order to give ourselves the best chance at success?

we won 7 games this year, can you give me a stat for how many that is over last year? (hint: 5). players were the same and coaches were different. ergo, the coaches must be bad. where's the logic in that?

Tim said...

mod, you're right, "facts are stubborn things"

BC last year (Ryan Day was not the OC):
points per game: 19.8
wins: 2

BC this year (Ryan Day was the OC):
points per game: 28.4
wins: 7

EL MIZ said...

"those are some compelling stats, Tim. therefore, we should fire Ryan Day, and hire an Offensive Coordinator who will play to our weaknesses while indulging my fetish for fast paced, spread football." - mod34B

eagleboston said...

Last I checked, we put up 34 points on #1 Florida State. No one else was even close (I believe the next closest was NC State with 17). One of the reasons we ran fewer plays is because we struggled on 3rd down. We also had a lot of big plays for TD's that took away a lot of potential plays. Can we get better? Absolutely. Was the offense horrible this year? Far from it.

Congrats to Andre for the invite. I am not holding my breath for a win, but I am happy he puts BC in the national spotlight.

Hario said...

Lol mod34 did Ryan day like spit in your face at some point...I'm not sure why every post atl does turns into ..."Ryan day is the worst" in some way

We scored more points per game this year and won 5 more games as the offense was part of an overall strategy to try and play ball control and minimize our turnovers to makeup for our lack of depth/talent

Really you're pulling offensive plays as a stat?? anyone really surprised at that...our defense had plenty of trouble getting off the field this year

Bashing Day in a Williams for hesisman post I just don't get. No one is declaring day offensive coordinator of the year or anything but jeez wanting him fired after this season seems pretty ridiculous
This has to be a personal vendetta at this point

Hario said...

I think we ended up putting up the most points on fsu this season...a game after you were again calling for his head

Makes no sense

Do you have a replacement on mind?

eagleboston said...

Also, I love the philosophy of Addazio and the offensive staff. Under the prior coach, we had no identity and in fact, strayed away from what made BC successful in the past decade. Now, O-line U is back. We are running the football with multiple tight end sets at a time when most teams utilize spread offenses. Defenses do not like being smashed and we witnessed how they start to wilt in the 4th quarter. It's not the best offense if you get behind, but in close games, it can cause opponents to give up, their will broken. I'm very happy with the vision and I am excited about what they can do once they get better players in the system.

mod34b said...

Hario, Read my post. I congratulated Williams.

William's is a great football player. And he would have been better with a good OC.

People throw out Stanford as the model. but Go look at their stats. Yes, Stanford had an unbalanced line., Yes jumbo packages, But they had Balanced running and passing. They kept the defense off balance. We lacked a balanced offense. And that hurt.

With some balance we might have beaten FSU or Clemson. We could have beaten either team. We should have beaten Clemson. But you and others seem gleeful for BC to take a spot as an ACC middle-schmiddle team , and ask no questions.

EL MIZ said...

we lost to FSU because of an incredible play by Winston (and bad D) to close the first half, and Rettig making an awful throw on an interception.

we lost to Clemson in part on a Rettig fumble when he was trying to do too much.

and yet you implored the coaching staff to "open it up" and go 5 wide and throw more. as HARIO points out, the game after we scored the most points on probably the ultimate national champion, you were calling for Day to be fired.

look, you get judged on results -- were the "means" sometimes boring and predictable? absolutely no doubt about it, yes. but the offense was WAY better this year. we scored a LOT of points given the talent on hand (which, if you were counting, was a good RB, a good WR, and a good O-Line. we had no other WRs other than Amidon and a shaky QB).

Day is also a great recruiter and is clearly putting some good pieces in mind.

mod 34B, admit it - you are former OC Doug martin and wish you weren't fired. i'm with HARIO, its gotta be a personal vendetta at this point, nobody even prompts a Day discussion and yet every post somehow winds up with 34B posting random ACC stats about how many plays we run.

you know what was predictable -- chase's poor QB play, and yet you insisted all year we needed more of it. LOL

Hario said...

No is is gleeful about mediocrity

Better balance on offenses was going to stop Florida state from scoring 48 points??

Did you really want to take away 5 carries from Williams for 5 pass attempts to Dave dudek who had to start due to our utter lack of talent at the Wr position ...surely that trade off didn't make me go crazy

Like I said this has been all one starts these threads with "omg Ryan day is amazing lets give him a raise or make him hc" that you need to refute then

After every game unprovoked you start with it's just that was all Ryan days fault or we would have won by more if it's wasn't ryan day and he should be fired...I don't remember an offensive coordinator getting this much attention one way or the other in a new head coaches first's truly bizarre

Hario said...
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amdg1540 said...

congrats to Andre and the whole program. Awesome honor for him and BC.

Mod! If the pass game was more effective, Andre wouldn't be headed to NYC this weekend. So I'll take it and hope for a more effective pass game in future years when we don't have a Williams in the backfield.
Also, Mod clearly overstates his case when he labels BC's offense "bad". 28.4 pts/game is at minimum mediocre :)

mod34b said...

El Miz you say

"we lost to Clemson in part on a Rettig fumble when he was trying to do too much.

and yet you implored the coaching staff to "open it up" and go 5 wide and throw more. as HARIO points out, the game after we scored the most points on probably the ultimate national champion, you were calling for Day to be fired."

Miz. I did not post any comments in-game or post game for FSU or Clemson.

The other comment you attribute to me, I never stated either.

CT said...

This thread is dominated by my minions!

Mod, seriously?

Williams is writing poetry, not going to NY were we any different. And BC is home for New Years, too. He averaged over 6 yds a carry! Maybe that's not good enough? Ha!

All I care about are wins. Like I have said before. This team wins how many without AW? How many?

I liken this season to squeezing the last drop out of a wet towel.

Every post above by someone not named mod was right on.

Pass to Dudek. That was funny. No shame to him, but, yeah, exactly.

Joseph said...

Ok, M34B is down, but I'm gonna pile on cuz he deserves it.

Hoib said...

Congrats Andre! Justly deserved. Help me here besides Flutie who else has been a finalist from BC.
MOD I'll say it again. The OC runs the offense the HC wants. I think this was all designed to shorten the game and protect a bad D. Good chance the combination of these 2 factors leads to the low # of offensive plays called. As 2 your comment re: more blance amdg1540 has it exactly right. We passed like crazy last year, how'd Andre do? U must be smking too much of the stuff I smelled when I last walked by MOD34b!

mod34b said...

hoib you just do not know what you are talking about.

Hoib said...


Watch a replay of Giants Bills Super bowl and then maybe you'll get it. To read your stuff u'd think Day took a family member hostage or something.

JBQ said...

For one "Day", let's look at BJKs "glass as half full". With all due respect to Boston, the Heisman will be given away just across from Central Park and within eyeshot of the monument to the USS Maine and Trump's palatial hotel. The big question is whether Andre will see the horse carriages just across the street or whether new Mayor de Blasio will have gotten rid of them. BC has plenty of football problems. However for one night, let's listen to Mannheim Steamroller and send up a great big cheer for Andre and hold up BJKs glass to the light and watch the lights in the fizz. Santa is coming to town yes and Andre with him with all of the hopes and dreams of the elf contingent from BC.