Monday, December 09, 2013

I'm an idiot, Example 8,743: my prediction about Andre Williams

In general, I don't like to spend too much time commenting on my own writing. That sort of navel gazing doesn't make for good blogging. But every once in a while I write something that is so far off, that I feel compelled to explain or apologize. The most recent example was my prediction for Andre Williams' 2013 season. Instead of 500 yards, he put together the best single season rushing performance in BC history! Once again this proves, I am wrong, wrong, wrong an awful lot.

If you read back what I wrote in the summer, it wasn't a negative commentary on Williams. It was more about what our offense would look like. I never thought the line would come together and I never thought they would give Williams the ball so often. Credit to the players I misjudged and the coaches for coaching them up.

I want to congratulate Williams on his spectacular season once more. It has never been so fun to be so wrong.


EL MIZ said...

please note that in your original post, resident Stat Whiz Mod34B wrote "The issue for the offense is going to be quick play and variety. We were so utterly predictable and so slow to get our plays off that even Duke could "dial us up." Add to that the fact that our opponent's defense was always very well rested (b/c our bend-don't-break crap D was always on the field), and it was a recipe for disaster.

If the offense is more varied and the pace quicker, we should be able to find some day light running."

Mod 34B, in a season in which we won 7 games (so far) and had a RB run for 2000, still is beating the drum about how predictable we are and how slow we played! i LOLed upon reading that comment from August, great stuff.

thank YOU atl, this blog is such a great resource for the BC Sports Community at large; you are always original, relentless in the coverage, and a true professional. another great season in the books, so thrilled its got a Heisman trip in it. NOBODY would have predicted that!

mod34b said...

The bitter El Miz, apologist for BCAD, steps to the plate (angry) . . . swings (recklessly), and whiffs (again) . ..

bad form...

click the link and see what you wrote....and laugh

mod34b said...

ATL, but look at what you git very right:

"A great offensive line coach can perform triage and miracles. I have hope for Justin Frye, but he is still very young. Maybe he will get the line to come together right away. "

The real coaching heroes this year are Dazz and Frye. Frye did one of the most impressive turn arounds in BC history. Guy is obviously a talented coach.

eagle1331 said...

Everyone seems to forget Al Washington when passing kudos around. This D-Lineman turned D-Line Coach, turned first year Running Backs coach deserves some credit, no???

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Justin Frye is the current OL coach and also deserves credit - as well as the HC for bringing in Patchan (who upped the competitiveness of the line). The OL is just hugely important to just about everything a team wants to do.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Hope AW takes Heisman. If he gets only Doak and Winston takes Heisman the conventional wisdom prevails. Noted a headline at Espn stating that ACC needs to repair their image during bowl season. If that conference produces the best team in the land, FSU, the best QB, Winston and the best RB Andre Williams what is there to repair? More media nonsense. Espn argues that the ACC went only 3-5 vs the SEC this year. While true it should be noted that six of those games were at home for the SEC. ( Bama v VT was played in Dixie, not a neutral site). The ACC won home games over UGA and FLA. FSU was the only team to win a road contest, a 30 point victory over FLA. S. Carolina won two home games over UNC and Clemson. Clemson is two and one in their last three games against the SEC. Vandy, a mid level SEC team at home beat a bottom team from the ACC, Wake, on a last minute field goal. UGA at home had to go to overtime to take GT. Where is the dominance? Where is the superiority? The best you can say for the SEC this year is they are about the same as the ACC. Don't be fooled by tv networks that are trying to hype up a conference they've invested tens of millions promoting. The Vols get destroyed at Oregon and WSU gives Auburn a good game in Alabama. The Pac 12 looks tougher than the SEC. 2. Why is the SEC champ an underdog in the title game if their the champs from the best conference? Shouldn't they be a two touchdown favorite? The SEC does not have the best team in Texas. Baylor is better. They don't have one of the top three teams in Florida ( FSU, Miami and UCF). They don't have the best in Kentucky ( Louisville).In Georgia they are about even with GT. 3. Auburn is giving up 35 a game in it's last two ( Bama and Mizzou). Bama also missed some field goals. Expect that great Auburn D to shutout FSU in the Rose bowl.

Hoib said...


I want to second ElMIZ w/ praise for u and another year w/ a job well done. I've been reading for years and only just started to comment. Most times I read the blog @ work where up untill reccently big brother prevented comments on forums like this.