Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Williams is an All American and other links

The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the Football Writers' Association of America (FWAA) both named Andre Williams to their first-team All-America squads. Williams is only the 12th Eagle to make the first team. Nate Freese made the second team.

New commit Jonathan Hillman explained why he flipped from Rutgers to BC. Hopefully BC will pick up another commit or two based on other coaching changes.

Here's a feature on Nathan Gerbe.

Brian broke down the scholarship allotment and we are currently at 89. However, expect a lot of attrition after the bowl game.


Mr. Tambourine MAn said...


Its Hilliman, not Hillman. I hope that you'll be writing that name a lot in the next couple years, so let's get it corrected early!

Also, it seemed to me like Coach Wash was kind of a reluctant keep by Addazio initially, now seems like by far our best recruiter. Success requires skill and luck, Daz has had some of both so far.

Scott said...

The STB estimate of 89 scholarships far too high. You can definitely subtract 9 from that number, giving us room to sign 5 more guys ... so expect us to sign 2-3 more high school seniors, 1-2 transfers (either 5th year one-and-done, judo, or standard transfer). Here's the breakdown:

2 more are retiring due to injury (Suntrup & Borich, they already counted Rostino)

1 more transfer (M.Lowrie, they already counted Montgomery)

3 are Walk-ons, not on schollie (CJ Parsons, Cottrell, A. Caruso)

3 seniors who never made the 2 deep will not be invited back (Darmstatter, Kramer, McCaffrey)

There are several other rising 5th years & injured juniors that are questions: B.Miller, Bowen, Lembke, Kimble.

mod34b said...

Scott - What is Suntrup's injury? When did that happen?

Hoib said...

Obviously we need help @ DT. It's a position we've had problems w/ for a while. I wonder why Daz iisn't on top of it?

Scott said...

Suntrap has been plagued with risky neck/spinal situation ... I can't recall if it's degenerative or a dusk issue, but t's kept him out action a long time, and why he never emerged.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

I'd akso ike to sign a few interior D-Lineman, but remember, Brown doesn't run a traditional 4-3 or rely on 2 big bodied DTs to wall off the middle like in Spaz's glory days.

Brown wants quick gap shooters, so I imagine he's addressing the problems with players we didn't think were slotted for the inside.

Unknown said...

Jack Cottrell and C.J Parsons are not walkons

Scott said...

My mistake on Cottrell.

But Parsons definitely is walk on. It was mentioned at grid iron club, and it shows up in articles all the time

Knucklehead said...

Mcaffry is local - Winchester/BBN. His sister is a BC athlete. His father played at Duke in the 90's and in the NBA. I doubt Addazio asks him to leave.