Friday, January 10, 2014

Another Florida transfer and other links

For the second year, Addazio has shored up his offensive line with one of his former Florida players. 5th year Offensive Lineman Ian Silberman is expected to enroll at BC this semester. Because he's completed his degree, he is eligible to play immediately. Many expected Silberman to transfer to Louisville before Charlie Strong took the Texas job. The Silberman news is good on many fronts. First there is the added depth and strength on the Oline. Once again we also benefit from the 5th year rule which allows us to plug a known commodity in yet not lock up a scholarship for four years. BC will never be big in the JuCo ranks, so this is the next best thing. Finally it is another recruiting tool for Addazio. Like Patchan before him, Silberman is an example to all future recruits that Addazio cares about his players and that BC can be preferable to the football factories. Silberman might not be the only 5th year coming. BC has actively looking for a QB to serve as an insurance policy next season.

Andre Williams' shoulder injury will keep him out of the Senior Bowl.

If the NCAA allows it, the ACC could scrap the division format and have a championship game with the two best teams.

Mel Kiper still thinks Matt Ryan was the best player from the 2008 Draft.


Big Jack Krack said...

These guys need to learn how to practice and play in the cold before moving to the next level. :-)

Welcome Ian - I hope you have a great experience at BC, like Matt did.

Hoib said...

I'd like to see the division system scraped. We have Louisville coming in to replace MD, so our division will only get tougher. Even more so I'd like 9 league games, which is what the Pitt ad who is pushing this idea wants. No more games against Maine and the likes of them.

JBQ said...

Even at BC, the 5th year plan is a "scam". Graduate students only need to take 6 hours to be considered full time. Matt Leienrt took 6 hours of "ballroom dancing" at USC. I haven't seen him on "Dancing With the Stars". BC is taking advantage of a legality to be sure. Just think the travesty that is going on in the SEC. Once Nick Saban is allowed to set up his super conference where the players are paid, where will BC land? Saban was paid 5.6 mill at Bama before being offered 100 mill for 10 years by the Texans. He signed something like a 5 year extension at Bama with comparable money. In 2010, Addazio was paid 615K at Temple. That is the only stats that have been released. BC does not and didn't release his salary considerations. So, just what will the division mean if Florida State and Clemson or Louisville play for the championship every year? I watched the Jags championship games very closely against Virginia Tech. Get your heads out of the clouds, the referees were crooked and BC and Matt Ryan were screwed in both. BC is "honest" and therefore they are targets. They are in the way and will be manipulated for the millions of dollars involved. Dr. Mark Emmert is from LSU and runs the NCAA accordingly. Just why do you think that Cam Newton was given a walk? The FBI was investigating Auburn and a trustee who received a one BILLION dollar TARP payout. He funneled money to a booster who ran a dog track-casino with "payout" one armed bandits for the football players. Meanwhile, St. Louis University was reprimanded by the NCAA because the basketball coach gave one of his players a birthday cake. The Reverend William Patrick Leahy keeps a moral hand on the athletic department. Do you really believe that the players at Alabams sit down and wish Coach Saban well on his 10 million dollar contract per year and don't even have laundry money? Florida State played Notre Dame in various games of "Catholics v Convicts". Do you really believe that this has changed? The case against Jameis Winston is now hitting the legal system with charges against the university, the police department, and the entire legal system in Florida. Evidence was absolutely suppressed. There is just too much money involved for anyone to rock the boat. Because Father Leahy is so moral, the NCAA will just work their way around him and if perchance BC should come up with another Matt Ryan and try to beat the system, they will just once again trot out their crooked referees. If you want the real story, read O'Henry's (William Sydney Porter) "Mammon and the Archer". Money always wins.

Unknown said...

Any word on where Tyler Murphy will land?

mod34b said...

Silberman, a 300lb former 4* recruit (recruited by Dazz), is a graduate of Uof F . His degree is in Family Youth Community Science. WTF is that?

Impressive player. His BIO

EL MIZ said...

so Silberman enrolls in January to join Landry, Wade, Yiadom, Dawson, and Baker. lots of talent being infused into the team just in January, with more to come over the summer.

Hoib said...


Mark Emmert is a U Wash alum. Catholics v Convicts was Miami v ND. The facts Mam just the facts.

dixieagle said...

Well, JBQ, that was depressing. I'm sure there's truth in what you say, knowing what big business football is down here.

Where do you think BC would land, considering Saban seems to include the ACC in super conference talk?

And a plea from someone with middle-aged eyes; please consider using paragraphs - they're free.

Hoib said...


The prior was for u.

JBQ said...

@dixieeagle: I don't know where BC will land. That is the job of Brad Bates to figure out and Father Leahy to support. Let's look at this from the angle if Brad Bates ran the NCAA instead of Mark Emmert. Father Leahy and the other presidents have got to reassert control "before the bell tolls for thee". Nick Saban is now making 10 million a year. Doesn't that "ring a bell" for someone? The SEC is the tail waggin' the dog. The ACC is an also ran. Weren't there rumors that FSU and Clemson would join the SEC? BC will just become a "candle in the dark" just before the SEC blows it out.

CT said...

The ACC should be embarrassed that they sold out to get Louisville in the league to take back the mythical bball title from the big east. Morality at BC? Give me a break. Petrino just put the conference right where everybody else is. There is no high road in a conference with him. But that's what you get for being hypocrites.

Look. I've got a paragraph break in me.

The only thing crooked is the idea that BC is above the system. You should disabuse yourself of the notion that we're somehow special or unique. That hiring confirms the obvious. We're not. Get over yourself.