Sunday, January 05, 2014

Women's hoops wins ACC Opener and other links

While we've all focused on the disastrous Men's season, many (including me) have overlooked the Women's Basketball team's great start. Sunday they beat Virginia Tech. It was their seventh straight win.

Auburn might take a page from BC's playbook against Florida State.

Boston's new Mayor Marty Walsh is a proud BC alum. You can tell by his choice for his inaugural.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Ladies hoops definitely doing better but the 10-5 start includes a lot of wins against non ACC caliber competition (UNH, Mount Saint Mary's, Hofstra etc.) If you just included major D1 programs played thus far their record would be 2-5.

mod34b said...

Watching NC game.

Hate listening to Brett Mushberger and "Herbie".

2 jerks

Napolean Bonaparte said...

BC loses to Notre Dame by 40 points. ND is ranked in top 5. Nonetheless - we should have done better than 40 points. This program has miles to go. Johnson has not proven he can recruit at an ACC level. When is BC going to get serious about the ACC?