Thursday, March 06, 2014

Garden State recruiting and other links is rolling out a series on the best prospects in the state. It might as well serve as a guide for how Addazio plans to build the 2015 recruiting class. Of the eight players featured so far, seven have BC offers. While we certainly won't sign every elite player in New Jersey, Addazio's aggressiveness is encouraging. Get to know the guys in the profiles below.

1. Minkah Fitzpatrick
2. Grant Newsome
4. Juwan Johnson
5. Kareem Ali
6. Steven Gonzalez
7. Brandon Wimbush
8.  Sam Madden

HD wrote about the turnover at QB within the ACC. Tyler Murphy isn't the only former Florida QB looking for a second chance.

Former Eagle Dan Koppen joined a Rhode Island powerhouse as a volunteer assistant coach. Best of luck to him.

Men's Soccer added depth to their coaching staff.


EL MIZ said...

it will be interesting to see the regions that the new coaching staff focuses on. NJ seems to be one, as does Florida - both are football hotbeds so thats not a bad thing. my main concern - do we keep the Cincinnati and broader Ohio pipeline open. tons of good BC players have come from OH over the past 2 decades, would be silly not to have at least one person on the staff keeping the connections out there.

also, Koppen being in RI should help our new england "FENCE". go eagles!

eagle1331 said...

Miz -

Daz actually touched on this during the Gridiron club dinner a couple weeks back (I think that was the cause.. it was a BC football dinner of some sort). We actually aren't going to focus on Florida in the future, apparently, with only 1 recruiter assigned to the area. He also hit on the Ohio speculation that people have talked about here. It was just a down year there, he said, but it will remain a priority. I think if you go over to BCI's site they have the full synopsis as one of them was there...

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I'd like to see us develop deeper relationships with the major Catholic high school football powers around the East and Midwest. Too many of those kids are moving on to state universities. BC, as a whole, needs to make Catholic high school kids a priority.

Hoib said...

They've always played good ball in Jersey. I'd like to see Daz get real close to Dom Bosco particularly.