Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hoops loss, Pro Day and other links

BC lost their ACC Tournament opener to Georgia Tech. A late push by BC made it interesting, but the season came to an end with another close loss where Donahue seemed to over manage the final possessions. Now we wait for coaching news.

The good news is that Patrick Heckmann played well again. That's important since he might be the only one left next year. I tweeted this out earlier today, but I am not too worried about Vega's article. Hanlan should explore his NBA options. There could be truth to Rahon leaving, but I don't think it will make or break the program. Anderson was the surprise. It wouldn't make sense for him to leave for one year. Ultimately it will come down to the new coach and how he rerecruits the players here.

BC posted pictures of the Pro Day. 29 teams showed up. That's encouraging for the players who weren't invited to the Combine. Of the non-invitees I still think Rettig, Freese and Ian White have real shots at making it as undrafted Free Agents.

BC continues to make offers to 2016 recruits. The latest is Connecticut Tight End Scooter Harrington.


CT said...

Honestly ATL, this entire team needs a re-boot. Hanlan would be missed. That's it. Rahon and the rest are not ACC players. Heckmann is a sub and effective when he stays aggressive. I honestly can't believe Donahue thought these guys could win ACC games. Sounds harsh, I do appreciate the effort, it's still there, but to so poorly misjudge talent is the worst thing a coach can do. Short of showering in Happy Valley.

Like I said in your last post, it's egregiously incompetent. I feel bad for everyone, especially me for venting like this.

So yeah, go hockey.

MUD said...

Just a shame. A guy should be given a chance, but must have some idea of where he is going or should step down. BC can always do with intramural coaches and officials.

Mike.Mariniello said...

I looked up Jim O'Brien's career at BC. In his 4th year they were equally as awful (8-20/1-15). Not only was he not fired, but they were as bad the next year (11-19/1-15)and he lasted 10 years before taking Scoony and bolting for Ohio State.

I guess it is different times and mostly a different AD (Flynn - though Chet did come in right around when they started to turn it around with Hurley, Huckabee, Howard, G. Abrams).

Do not get me wrong, I think Donahue should/needs to go.

Smitty said...

Down 3 with a minute to go...Heckman (the hottest shooter at the time) wide open for a three in the corner and he calls a Time Out as the ball is being passed to Heckman... who shoots anyway after the whistle and drains it. So we run a play and Hanlan gets a 2. Horrible coaching in my opinion. Why so many timeouts when the team is playing well? Save them for when they are not!

Hoib said...


I think there was allot of sympathy for JOB @ the time because his wife died @ a very young aga and left him w/ 2 young girls to raise on his own

It was Curley, not Hurley. He really didn't get it going till he got Danya.

Just a little background. I still hope Onahue is gone. Just follow the college hoops page on ESPN and plenty of coaches w/ similar records and tenure are being let go. Not firing him would probably be the bigger this point.

Bravesbill said...

Donahue used at least 3 timeouts in the last minute of regulation and overtime instead of just letting his offense play. End result of these timeouts: 0 points and 3 horrible looks, including a rushed shot by Anderson and a 27 ft. shot to beat the shot clock.

Mike.Mariniello said...

Thanks Hoib. I had forgotten all about JOB's wife.

And thanks for catching the Curley typo. I must have Hurley on the brain as the HS hoops team my brother coaches is playing Bob Hurley and St. Anthony's in the state playoffs tonight.

I agree with you about those Curley teams. They were one year ahead of me and I always thought the 91-92 and especially the 92-93 teams under performed. The '93 should have made the tourney.

I wonder who else in the ACC will be out of a job and that will affect our search for a new coach? Bzdelik? I guess Gregory will get another year at GT.

Big Jack Krack said...

I just came from a meeting - I did not see the game, but a Clemson fan who did, basically said to me that the coach should be fired for the way he handled the timeouts at the end of the game.

And he's done it all year.

Big Jack Krack said...

I was a season ticket holder attending all home games for years until I moved away the first time in 1991.

I had very low regard for JOB as a Head Coach. He was at the bottom of the league for 7 or 8 years, or so it seemed.

His teams were not good to terrible from the free throw line, and he couldn't coach big men.

Hoib is correct, and we all felt the same way about his wife's fight with cancer and ultimate tragic passing at a very young age. As one of our own, we wanted Jim to succeed for sure, but..........

And it ended badly and I thought it reflected much worse on him than it did the school.

The longer SD is allowed to hang around, the uglier this will get - potentially anyway

Will Mr. Bates risk such a scenario?.

Hario said...

SI is reporting Bates informed Donahue he will be back next year

I am at a loss for words. if Anderson, Rahon, and Hanlon are all gone next year... is there any point at all to watch this team next year?

They already regressed year over year... what in the world is Bates expecting to change.

Excuse me while I step outside and punch a wall