Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Experts already forgetting about BC

Bowl Projections are easy offseason filler...and so is critiquing them. I try to ignore the projections, but felt ESPN's first lists were worth noting because they left out BC.

ESPN posted Brett McMurphy and Mark Schlabach's picks and 10 ACC teams (plus Notre Dame) were slotted. What surprised me is that they don't account for BC getting an at large bid. As we've seen over the years, if a major conference team gets to six wins, they will end up in a bowl. BC's TV ratings in low-level bowls also lead to us backfilling open slots. It could be that neither McMurphy or Schlaback don't think BC will get to six wins. But most of the early previews have the Eagles in that neighborhood. CBS's early projections had BC going to Detroit.

I will make my predictions later this summer, but I am not worried about BC staying home. As usual, if we get eligible, it will all work itself out.


Hoib said...

There are now 38 bowls, way to many of course. With 111 FBS schools it's almost mathematically impossible to get 6 wins and not be invited. Even if some how we were left out, the only negative is losing the extra practice time. The lowest bowls aren't as good as a league game, that's why I'd rather see 9 league games. So what if it lead to 1 more loss, and no trip to the toilet bowl.

CT said...

Quibbling but think the number is closer to 125.

Also, all those bowls, all that extra practice time, and where did we get? Treading water.

Jim's and Joes, not X's and O's.

Hoib said...


You are right on 125. I meant the extra practice time for developing the young guys, not game prep.

You are absolutely correct about Jim's and Joe's