Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Quigley sells to Vick and other links

Former Eagle Ryan Quigley made headlines for the right reasons when he sold his jersey number to Michael Vick. Quigley is donating Vick's payment to a South Carolina charity that helps troubled teens.

Rutgers brought more embarrassment upon themselves and the Big Ten this week. The Big Lead wondered if we were one of the schools the Big Ten should have selected in the past.

Once again BC teams performed very well on the APR.

Some Lacrosse experts think BC is most likely to get upset in the opening of the NCAA Tournament. Our draw involves three conference champions.


mod34b said...

RU is a joke - disinviting paralyzed Eric LeGrande as commencement speaker. Wow. .

B1Gger joke is that B1G is now just realizing how utterly stupid and lame RU is. . Ha!

Loved this line about the B1G's level of anticipation to bring RU into the family

""The excitement for Rutgers entry to the conference in 2014 is somewhere between that for a colonoscopy and for a new Paul McCartney album." Or, I might add, a post from Joseph

Joseph said...

RU is not the only joke.

Happy Mother's day

Unknown said...

BC Womens Lax wil NOT be upset. Those ladies are awesome!!!! Go BC!!!