Thursday, May 08, 2014

Why the NFL Draft still matters to BC

Selling the NFL to any high school prospect is pretty disingenuous. Even the majority of recruits at Alabama and Florida State will not play at the next level. For a long time, BC's pitch to potential players has been about more than football. We sell the BC experience, the education, the city, and getting your degree. Our appeal is about life off the field and life after football. Yet we still need the NFL.

Without the carrot of playing at the highest level, BC wouldn't be BC. As much as we push education, there are plenty of places where a kid can get a great education. Just like there are plenty of places where a guy can just play and focus on football. Our mix of elite football and elite education is a pitch only a few schools can offer. And to effectively sell it, we need to send guys to the NFL. We need the NFL Draft to showcase our best players and validate our process.

The media created the "Harvard during the week, Alabama on the weekend" cliche to mock BC's divided priorities, but the reality is that split is a great position. We should embrace it. There are certain players who want both. And those types of guys who want both, have been the foundation for our past success.

It is unlikely that any BC guys will get drafted Thursday night. By Sunday though there should be a new batch of our guys headed to new NFL teams. And with each selection our staff will be texting and tweeting those Draft updates to a new batch of potential BC guys.


JBQ said...

Congrats so far to AW and KPL. A bigger congrat to the BC graduating class of 2014.

Guest said...

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