Thursday, June 12, 2014

BC makes a surprise appearance in O'Bannon suit and other links

BC is not directly tied to the O'Bannon battle with the NCAA, but our beloved school was mentioned Thursday by a former TV executive.

"If the Boston College basketball team will share revenues from television and, lo and behold, each member of the Boston College basketball team is entitled to $200,000, I just think that's a negative," Pilson said. "I think that's a problem for the public."

I don't know if Pilson pulled the BC example out of thin air or intentionally mentioned a recent under performing team, but the whole example is weird. I will keep rooting for BC athletes if they get paid. I think most BC fans would. Look at how pro sports salaries have sky rocketed. Did the sports become less popular? How about the Olympics which used to pride itself on amateurism? I think paying athletes is one of those survey questions where people answer one way and then when faced with the actuality, ultimately don't care.

Hayden Rettig won't be coming to BC. Chase's brother decided to transfer to Rutgers. I understand, but I sort of don't. Rutgers runs a pro-style offense. However, the coach is on the Hot Seat. Why not play JuCo this year and see what spots open up?

Matt Ryan is still using things he learned from his BC coaches. The Falcons announced they will participate in Hard Knocks this year, which means plenty of Matt Ryan time on TV.

Connecticut LB William Harris committed to BC Wednesday. Florida LB Jimmy Martin picked up a BC offer after camp.

Be sure to read Paul Myerberg's excellent season preview on BC.


Hoib said...

What position is Harris expected to play? Seems like Daz is living up to his goal of recruiting N.E. Hard. He has a good # of solid dudes already,before the camps start. Keep it up Daz! This is where most of the games are won. As CT recently posted "Jim and Joes".

EL MIZ said...

the Myerberg season preview was excellent - thank you for the link.

after reading it and some other season previews, i think its clear our strength lies in the offensive line and ability to run the ball. all seniors on the line. yes Andre is gone, but Willis should emerge as a legitimate starter, Rouse showed flashes of making guys miss and shedding tackles, and we have a slew of talented runners coming in as freshman. add in a more mobile QB and the ground game should be fine.

the WRs are the question on offense - can Thad Smith or Troy Flutie or any of the other freshmen stretch the D? will Shakim Phillips be able to play? is Swigert healthy? those are the guys i'm looking at - i don't expect much from last year's WR backups.

defensively there are some huge question marks but I hope the talent we brought in addresses some of the perceived weaknesses. hopefully Landry is healthy and a monster on the line, joining a fully recovered Abesmad. add Stratchan to the LB corps, add Dawson, Moore and Seward to the secondary, along with the other new DUDES and i think Brown can cobble together 11 guys who can put some pressure on opposing offenses.

its only june but i can't wait for the fall. GO EAGLES