Thursday, June 26, 2014

Father Neenan passes, more recruits and other links

A long-time member of the Boston College community William B. Neenan, S.J. passed away Wednesday. Father Neenan came to BC in 1979 and serve the university in a variety of leadership capacities since. He will be missed by all.

The recruiting train continued Thursday. Mass CB/Athlete Taj-Amir Torres committed after camping. He's raw and without a natural position, but he's fast. Like really, really fast. Let's hope the staff has a plan for his ability. Joining him in the 2015 class is California DT Ray Smith. Smith has some decent west coast offers.

WR coach Todd Fitch's Florida roots were a big factor in Mehdi El Attrach decision.

Californian Thatcher Demko credits Gretzky for the hockey boom that launched his career.

Tennis' Matthew Wagner made the 2014 All-ACC Academic Men's Tennis Team.


Hoib said...

Good news on Torres, Fast is good! Shabazz picked 24th. As some of us said at season' s end Hanlan was not ready. I think this proves he had no shot at being picked this year. I give him credit for being intelligent about it.

mod34b said...
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