Sunday, June 15, 2014

Miller update and other links

When he committed, Jeremy Miller was the centerpiece of Donahue's 2015 recruiting class. After the coaching change, he decided to reopen his recruiting process. Usually when that happens, I expected the decommitted player to go elsewhere. Miller sounds a little different. He's hearing from other programs but still claims that BC is a possibility. He wants Christian to "recruit him." Who knows how that will play out?

Seattle expects KPL to make an impact in his rookie year.

BC is making a push for Florida DT Kyle Henderson.


Big Jack Krack said...

Would love to see all three things break our way.

Both Miller and Henderson to BC - and KPL becoming a force for Seattle.

Go BC.

Happy Father's Day, Dads.

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Hoib said...

I gained some new insight into Christian's hiring over the w/e, which leads me to believe he was the best we could do. I have a friend who played at Catholic U. And is close to one of the people who was on ATL original list of candidates. This person was offered the job and turned it down. Two reasons he turned it down were it was going to take way to much losing to turn this thing around, and that he felt he couldn't take the losing. The second reason was the apathy of the students,it was just going to be a grind he didn't want any part of.
So if this guy was offered and decided to stay in the A10 it leads me to believe that others higher up the food chain were offered and turned the job down. The search did seem to drag on a long time.
This is the ultimate price we paid for Flip's blunder w/ the Whistler.

Hoib said...
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NEDofSavinHill said...

Millbury turned down the hockey head coach position. How did his replacement turn out? Who BC didn't hire is an irrelevancy.

Knucklehead said...

Millbury took the hockey HC job and quit after a short time because we were giving only partial scholarships to players and he didn't feel that was right.

mod34b said...


Interesting. So, I guess, you are saying BC was wise to settle for an 3rd tier guy? NOT Pearlr or Shaka, NOT Lonegran, but Christian ("the best we could do")

I am not buying that (propaganda from candiates who did not get an offer) or the idea that student apathy (about some horrenedous basketball) played a part. If BC puts a good product on the court, students will flock, and other schools will quickly notice our coach (more $$$ for coach). Maybe you noticed there is some student interest at BC in the hockey team?

Person you speak of might be Lonegran or Schmidt. I am guessing it was Lonegran. If that was his attidude (me, me, me) sounds like he would have been a bad fit and very risk adverse type

Here is the list (not positive it is current) of A10 coaches.

Archie Miller (Dayton) ·
Jim Ferry (Duquesne) ·
Tom Pecora (Fordham) ·
Paul Hewitt (George Mason) ·
Mike Lonergan (George Washington)
John Giannini (La Salle) ·
Dan Hurley (Rhode Island) ·
Chris Mooney (Richmond) ·
Mark Schmidt (St. Bonaventure) ·
Phil Martelli (Saint Joseph's) ·
Jim Crews (Saint Louis) ·
Derek Kellogg (UMass) ·
Shaka Smart (VCU)

Bando '87 said...

Hopefully the idea of playing alongside Diallo. (and being able to play PF in college) is appealing to him. Would be great to get him (again). If he had never committed and then de-committed, but we were hearing now for the first time we were in his top 3 with a decent shot of getting him, we'd all be pumped.

Hoib said...

In my prior post I should have credited Bravesbill for being most accurate in our hoops fraternity in predicting how the coaching search would turn out. Although we often disagree, particularly about Al, I have to give credit where credit is due.