Monday, July 14, 2014

Suggestion to the ACC: move the ACC Media Days to Bristol, CT

If you follow any of the national college football writers on social media, then you know the SEC kicked off its annual Media Days on Monday. There were streams, cut-ins to other ESPN shows, clips, and plenty of pundit talk. This comes as no surprise since ESPN partners with the SEC on their new network. Because they have the most rabid following and a bunch of colorful coaches, the SEC has turned a series of press conferences into an event. All the other conferences are just playing catch up. The ACC has tried various ploys to get more attention, but I think there is only one move left: move the Media Days to ESPN's Corporate Campus.

While Bristol is not ideal for non-ESPN employees and doesn't offer the boondoggle aspects of most of the traditional ACC Media Days locations, it does offer a bonanza of coverage. If ESPN hosted the event it would make their "car wash" sessions seem quaint. Coaches and players could be on all ESPN outlets all day for three days. The rest of the media might not like it, but who cares? As long as the recruits see the ACC schools as elite and as long as ESPN becomes that much more invested in talking and promoting the ACC. 

I don't know if this has ever been floated, but it should. The ACC has nothing to lose. They can always go back to Amelia or Pinehurst or wherever. But having Media Days at the center of the sports world makes too much sense not to try. It is what a smart, ambitious, forward thinking conference would do. It is what the SEC would do and that should be enough to beat them to Bristol.  


hoya80 said...

great idea-why not add a side trip to NY-Hoya80

Unknown said...

Is there any more talk about BC bringing back D1 Men's Lacrosse?