Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Burke's story and other links

Sean Burke is the latest walk-on to earn a scholarship. BC has a long tradition of rewarding walk-ons, but handing them out now is telling. Using open scholarships probably means the staff is no longer expecting any other random 5th year transfers to arise. As for Burke, I am glad his commitment was rewarded. I hope he has a good year.

Women's Tennis sophomore Lexi Borr won the ITA Circuit Tournament Monday.

ESPN's David Hale thinks Josh Bordner is one of the ACC's Wild Cards. I know the staff was very big on Bordner's potential in the Spring. It will be interesting to see how he stacks up in August when there is a full depth chart at WR.


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Unknown said...

Bordner runs a 5.0 40.

He is really, really slow -- maybe the slowest received in the ACC.

Hope he has great hands and awesome route-running ability.

Maybe he will be the short yardage TE/slot we need. He cerainly will not be running deep routes.