Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Season Prediction Part III: what will happen

Last year BC overachieved. Some of that was luck, but a lot of it was coaching. I felt Addazio played to his strengths while still instilling his values and philosophies. While putting that sort of imprint on a team doesn't guarantee permanent success, I do think it will serve BC well as he navigates through his second season. We are also experienced in a few places that can mask a lot of issues (QB and OLine). Yet I am still a realist. I don't think we will win the ACC, but I do think we go bowling again. It won't be easy, but my gut tells me it will still be fun.

Here are my official predictions for the season.

What Will Happen

at UMass. Win. We pound them and I also think Don Brown will know just what to do against his old buddy Whipple.

Pitt. Win. I think this will be one of the toughest games of our peer programs. But I think we can steal a win at home against a solid Pitt team.

USC. Loss. USC doesn't smother the offense again, but we still cannot overcome their talent advantages.

Maine. Win. Maine might be a decent FCS team, but we are not going to lose this game.

Colorado State. Win. I don't like the matchup against CSU. I still think we win, but it won't be pretty.

at NC State. Loss. NC State should be much better this season. I also think the first road game of the season will be a challenge.

Clemson. Loss. I fear that some of the games we kept close last year won't be close this season. 

at Wake Forest. Win. Wake will have trouble stopping our rushing attack and BC nears bowl eligibility. 

at Virginia Tech. Loss. I don't think Virginia Tech is all that good, but I do think road wins will be tough to come by this year.

Louisville. Loss. This is the toughest part of the season. The defense struggles and the rest of the schedule looks daunting. 

at Florida State. Loss. This is ugly. All of us are wondering if Addazio can rally the guys in the final week.

Syracuse. Win. Another tough, close game. BC pulls it out to get to six wins and become bowl eligible.

6-6 (4-4) leaves BC eligible for bowls but totally unwanted. ESPN and the ACC force us on the Bitcoin Bowl in Tampa. To offset the lack of BC tickets, the bowl selects USF as our opponent. It becomes a virtual road game but that doesn't bother our hardened team. We win a close game and finish 7-6. It is not a historic BC season but it sets the right tone for recruiting and Addazio's future. 


Goberry said...

Its the coach's second year, so I have no expectations of him and his staff, and will give them a few more years before I judge.
That being said...6-6 with two of the wins coming against Hockey East teams? I'm going to go to bed now and hope I wake up in February.

mod34b said...

6-6 sounds right, even a tad hopeful at this point.

I realize that we are still digging out of the "Spaz Error" , but this a sad state of affairs. Thanks GDF, you #%€!#!

6-6, with 2 wins over non competitive opponents, is not good and well below my expectations for BC football.

BCDisco said...

mod, did you mean to contradict yourself in the same post? Or are you saying 6-6 is your expectations for this year, but below your expectations historically?

JBQ said...

Without a doubt if the mistakes against FSU and Syracuse can be overcome, then there could be a surprise. The mistakes were not player mistakes. With one second on the clock at halftime, you take a pass interference penalty instead of doing a matador defense maneuver. You don't play a "prevent" defense against a nit picking team with time on the clock. The biggest killer was knocking a player out of bounds to stop the clock. You have to coach the small things in order to win big games. The defense will be adequate. Actually, it will all depend on just how good a job that Murphy does in distributing the ball. Then, it will come down to just how good Wade is for the future and if he can learn from Murphy.

CT said...
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mod34b said...

alex L -

"Or are you saying 6-6 is your expectations for this year, but below your expectations historically?"