Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BC unveils Red Bandanna uniforms

BC tweeted out a sneak preview of the Red Bandanna themed uniforms and gear the team will wear during the USC game. I am always leery of how BC incorporates Crowther's signature and story into the sports team, but I do think this looks cool. I haven't talked or emailed the Crowther family on this, but I assume they gave their blessing. I know players and Under Armour love doing this. Let's hope they remain reverent about the source and inspiration for the Red Bandanna.


JBQ said...

Red bandannas from someone who worked long and hard with minority juveniles are symbolic of gangs. Who in their right mind dreamed up this one?

eagle1331 said...

JBQ, I get what you're saying but I think that is a little extreme. As long as BC and the media educate people on why we are doing it, I take no issue with it.

That being said, someone in BC Athletics needs to have a talk with "Mr Hyde" on twitter (one of our players), who tweeted a picture of the gear with the phrase "bloody." I don't care what his reasoning was.. this is meant to honor 9/11 victims and that is in bad taste. It could be referencing the pain of breaking in new cleats on game week, which is real, for all I know. It could just be a dumb saying, or it could be some other reference but it shows poor taste and reflects badly on the meaning behind this uniform design amd BC as a whole.

Hoib said...

The red bandanna is central to the entire narrative of what this true Chritian hero did. If he wasn't wearing it we might have never learned of his heroism. They should paint one at mid field as well. I just hope the this doesn't become some kind of win one for Wells thing. I think that would be the wrong message to send out.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

JBQ, we all understand the symnbolism that red bandannas have for gang members. However, I don't think you can get on UA or BC for this. In our BC community, you mention a red bandanna, and everyone knows you're talking about Welles and his heroism on 9/11.

I don't think this will turn into a "win one for Welles" issue. It's much bigger than that and BC has been remembering and memorializing Welles and the red bandanna for a while before it was memorialized by athletics. I think the first appearance of the red bandanna was in 2010 against UCF. But if the team gets some added inspiration from the symbolism on their uniforms, all the better.

This was a great, simple way to remember Welles and recognize the things he did on 9/11.