Thursday, September 11, 2014

BC-USC preview

Things don't get easier this week. Prior to the season, no one expected BC to pull off this upset. Any stragglers on the BC bandwagon probably got off after last week's loss. Because of the brand of our opponent and their ranking, the game remains important, but it is not the measuring stick that the Pitt game was. That is why I hope BC comes out trying everything. They have nothing to lose and that is often the best time to win.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) I already covered the fund raising reminder in BC Magazine, but didn't mention the feature article on Addazio. Because it is coming from BC's official arm, I always find these sorts of articles intriguing for what they do and don't write. It surprised me a bit to read Addazio talk about getting fired at Notre Dame despite graduating 100% of their players. It was one of those typical college coach lines about priorities and the realities of the job. I didn't think it was whiny but it was the first time I recall Addazio complaining about the decision. Addazio has been very good about embracing BC for what it is and not complaining via backchannels about what it isn't. He's only human, but I hope he keeps the attitude and positivity and doesn't start whining about how college football isn't fair. At BC you have to graduate players and win. That's not too much to ask.

Three Simple Keys
1. Someone other than Murphy needs to have a great game. Even if he had played better last week, Murphy cannot carry the team by himself. He needs another playmaker to have explosive plays and score touchdowns.
2. Better tackling. Last week was some of the worse tackling I've seen from a BC team in about ten years. That cannot happen again.
3. Disrupt Kessler. He was nearly perfect against us last year. We've got to give him different looks this year. Some pressure would be nice too.

Gambling Notes
-- Sarkisian is 3-6 vs non-conference BCS teams
-- USC is 4-0 all time against BC
-- Addazio is 0-4 vs ranked teams
The current line is BC+17

USC and Stanford are the only Pac 12 schools to play at Alumni.

Scoreboard Watching
I will be paying attention to East Carolina vs Virginia Tech. The Hokies impressed me by winning at Ohio State. But Beamer's teams have a habit of losing focus against teams they should beat. If they come out and thrash ECU, it might be a sign that this Hokie team is different.

I hope to see...
Passes to the Running Backs. We hardly did it with Andre Williams, but it was a staple of the various offenses we are borrowing from (Oregon, Florida). In theory they are high percentage and it will be a good way to get Murphy's confidence up and will give some of our playmakers -- like Willis -- some space to make plays.

BC is in trouble if...
We continue to drop passes. Murphy took most of the heat for the Pitt loss, but those drops were as bad, if not worse. I know Addazio will have a quick hook on the older guys who make mistakes. I have no problem with that. Let the young guys play, especially if they can catch.

Bottom Line
This is preview is probably more heart than head, but I believe we can win. I think USC will take us lightly and will get more fight than they ever expected. I think even 3/4ths full, Alumni can be a tough place to play. I think we work out some of the kinks on offense and put up enough points to hold off a USC team that gets more field goals than touchdowns.
Final Score: BC 28, USC 20


mod34b said...

BC 28, USC 20

I am ready to call you a genius should BC win.

Best things about USC as an opponent is a) the travel they must endure b) the prima donna, and arrogant attitude they always have; c) our half-empty pathetic stadium (by comparision) will de-energize them d) that it never rains in Southern California, don't they warn ya....55% chance of rain Saturday evening....nice, maybe they will melt...

If we could hang with FSU, a win here is possible

blist said...

In retrospect, firing Davie was actually a bad move by ND -- he was better than what followed, for sure. Don't know what that means re. BC and Addazio. I took Addazio's comments to be about wanting patience from people about the turnaround. I think he'll get that at BC.
With the game, maybe we pull one out. Pitt was more like us than USC, and maybe similarity gives us fits.

ccw said...

Dillusional. Why don't you put us in the NC game too.

At least have BC winning by 1. We're a 17-18 pt. underdog.

If we struggled to move the ball against Pitt, why will we score more than 17 pts. against USC? They can half ass their way to a double digit win, much less lose the game.

Unknown said...

Cal played at Alumni in 1986 or 1987.

Big Jack Krack said...

USC played at Alumni in 1988, I believe. Whenever it was, they spanked us 34 to 7.

Their offensive line smothered our defense with no problem at all. We might be facing the same Saturday night - but like the fan(atic) that I am, there's always hope.

I remember our star DE or LB Ivan Caesar would just get stonewalled completely - that's one thing I remember. And that guy never quit, but it was like running into a brick wall.

dixieagle said...

ATL, I love your optimism. Who knows, maybe the team will be fired up, and everyone will play 1000% better than against Pitt. I'd love to believe it, though I'm Debby Downer on this one.

But, Go Eagles!

Unknown said...

OK...went to BC undergrad and USC grad student. Sorry, even tho' I will always have an emotional involvement with BC... football talent overcomes BC by 20 points.This Blog simply does not comprehend Top Ten criteria. Unfortunately, TOB was right. Maybe sneak into 25 @ best, but Never to Excel in Football with our academic and recruiting constraints.

eagleboston said...

And ISIS will have a mass conversion to Catholicism...

Last year, USC crushed us with a shitty coach and against an all-American running back. The only difference is this year is at home. I just don't see a way BC competes in this game, but I will always cheer for them and hope for a miracle. A BC victory would be considered nationally to be the biggest upset of the season so far.

In other news, let's cheer for Damien Woody on the Biggest Loser.

AlbanyEagle said...

Anybody else on here have an issue with the new wristband policy for tailgating on Shea, or even know what I'm talking about? It is yet another major obstacle to enjoyable tailgating at BC, and it's been an issue this week on campus after it was instituted last week.

It has been touted as a way to "enhance the tailgating experience" for season ticket holders on Shea, but in reality is a new tool to further strangle the life out of it, tightening field access even more, with the greatest impact being on students.

CT said...

I'm not sure I understand the idea that this game isn't a "measuring stick."

As far as re-building from the Spaz years, with so many new faces on the team, against legitimate talent from a legacy program, don't we want to see the difference in playmaking in order to have a better feel for those young guys in this system?

Getting beaten is okay. Competing with effort and emotion with some bright spots thrown in is exactly the point at this juncture in the re-build. What a recruiting tool that would be.

Last year's FSU game was, well, last year. Different team. Different system.

One might be tempted to think this is "measuring sticky." I kinda do. Especially for the defense. Next year's offensive personnel will look much different.

So tell us, what's up with the wristband policy?

JBQ said...

Your heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, reality sets in and USC throws a half dollar. Addazio is great but the team is the "pits" as seen against Pitt.

Bravesbill said...

BC will give up over 600 yards and lose by 30.