Wednesday, December 03, 2014

I don't think Addazio is going anywhere

Nebraska's got an opening. Michigan's got an opening. Even Addazio's old stomping grounds in Florida are available. I am not naive. I have met enough college coaches to know that many of them think the grass is greener. Addazio fits at BC and I do think he really likes coaching at BC, but he knows those other schools are a different ball game. More money. More resources. More chances to win. If any of them call. He should talk. It is no different than when we called after only two years at Temple. But I don't think he's leaving because I don't see any of those schools making an offer.

This gets brought up a lot because of Addazio's time in Gainesville. Of all the openings, I think this would be the least likely. Addazio is extremely unpopular with a large percentage of their fanbase, who view him as a terrible Coordinator.  There is also a good percentage of fans who don't like Urban Meyer and don't want one of his assistants coming back to take over. Finally, Jeremy Foley could have hired Addazio after Meyer left and didn't. He's already eaten crow with the Muschamp era. Fixing it with Addazio makes the mistake look that much worse. AD's are by nature political. I don't think Foley risk his remaining goodwill on a guy he wasn't thrilled with four years ago.

With Bates seemingly off Michigan's radar, it is surprising that Addazio may be on it. Mgoblog doesn't think it will happen. I don't either. So many of these hires are a reaction to the previous hire. Michigan just fired a bombastic, emotions on his sleeve, ground and pound, recruiter who was barely above .500 in his previous stops. Do you repeat the mistake by hiring Addazio? I like Addazio and think he is a better coach than Hoke, but the resume doesn't scream that he's better. Also do you try to dethrone Urban Meyer with an Urban Meyer assistant who has yet to reach Meyer's level of success. Michigan may hire another Meyer guy in Dan Mullen, but Mullen's success as OC at Florida was greater than Addazio's in the same job and Mullen's rebuilding at Mississippi State looks better than what Addazio's accomplished at Temple and BC. I think this season was a great coaching job, but to outsiders it looks like we were 7-5 again. I don't think Michigan will ever hire Addazio.

Of all the big jobs, Addazio to Nebraska is the most likely. However, I still don't think Addazio gets an offer. They have a very appealing Nebraska guy in Scott Frost who they can hire. Frost would go over well with their fans. And if they want an established head coach, I think there are a few other guys who might slot in before Al Golden. The honeymoon is over in Coral Gables. Golden has never been feared floating his name and he's great in an interview. If Golden and Addazio both get interviews at Nebraska, Golden's getting the job.

I appreciate all that Addazio has done and he's been a better coach and more likable than I ever expected. I want him to stay. Who knows how long he will (or how long we will want him to stay) but I don't think he will have the chance to leave now.


FakeShalomTfree said...

Looks like Florida will be out of the question soon

Aside from winning at Temple, what am i missing about Golden? He's done nothing at Miami, yet his name is consistently floated for major jobs

CT said...

Are we going to go through this game every time a brand name school has an opening? Seems a bit of an over-reaction. Just my two pennies.

ATL_eagle said...

I wrote about Michigan because it is specifically getting mentioned (see the links). Florida I addressed because of Daz's history there. Plenty of BC fans have worried. I threw in Nebraska, because it is not out of the realm of possibility. I don't think he will get the Nebraska job, but I think it is more likely than Michigan.

Hoib said...

Looks like Co. state is preventing their coach from going to Fla. by refusing to relent to a big buy out clause in his contract. That's exactly what we should do w/ Daz. Lock him up w/ a new deal. If Co. State can do it w/o big conference TV bucks than we can do it. BC has never been a final destination for a good coach. We need to end that by stepping up to the plate w/ Daz right now. Don't wait for something to happen, be proactive for once!

BCDisco said...

There's only 2 possibilities with BC coaches: they either lose and get fired, or they win and leave for a better job. If I, as a fan, was forced to pick one of these outcomes, I'd go with the latter. Forcing coaches to stay by making them sign some ridiculous contract will only scare away any young up-and-coming coaches who would otherwise improve the program. And we've already seen what happens when we fire a coach for interviewing elsewhere.

BC is not a big enough program to flex its muscle against a coach. The first thing that needs to happen is to win games and win consistently especially against top-25 teams. Once that happens, we can start about the possibility of a legacy coach staying at BC.

I also agree that Daz isn't going anywhere this year.

blist said...

Alex, that's just about the track with every coach. If you're great in the NCAA, you get hired by the NFL. I think the Dazzler is here for a few more years. I don;t think a job that's much more appealing than BC opens up for him until we're a top 15 team again

Hoib said...

Alex L & blist

You misunderstand what I say. I think Daz should be rewarded w/ a nice fat raise, but in doing so put in place a big buyout. I think ultimately McElwain will go to Fla., but CSU will get a nice chunk of change to use in hiring their next coach. This is what pretty much every power 5 conference program does. CSU isn't even a power 5 yet they did it. BC needs to come out of the dark ages and start acting like an ACC school instead of doing the same things they've been doing since the ECAC days.

mod34b said...

I liked the comment on the Michigan article which suggested Daz was a legit UM candidate: "No Thanks #lol"

That says it all.

No power 5 conference is hiring a .500 win coach who was a not-so-impressive OC at UF.

Daz will not get more money or prestige going below a power 5 conference team. So he is right where he should be right now.

If Daz can crack the top 25 two years in a row....then maybe.

Hoib ... where do you buy your rose-colored glasses?

meanwhile, I hope the very-talented Ryan Day (Al Golden lite) does get recruited to take his talents elsewhere.

Don Brown.... I think he's a keeper.

Hoib said...


There is allot more to it than WL. I see a guy who came in here when no one wanted him. To a program that was in shambles. Still he had a 5 yr plan., had the nerve and foresight to tear up the BC script going back to the 60s. Pro style offense bend but not brake D, both out. Instead he puts in place a system that gives BC the best chance to succeed in a tough conference, in spite of it's limitations. 2 years in he is executing this plan beautifully. I'd like to see him last the 5 years to bring it to it's full conclusion.

You dismissed what I had to say about the Michigan situation as silly when it first came up,w/ the mention of Bates for AD., yet now Daz is getting mentioned. I saw it only as a possibility if Bates were to go there because he knows full well Daz's value, and the AD is the throw in w/ the HFC being the real objective. If I, a rank amatuer can see what Daz has done here, pros who get paid allot of money certainly can. I know you will continue to see what I say as silly, but in case someone else is reading this I decided to answer. BTW I think Daz has been particularly precient to have Day as his OC, but if we lose him I'm sure he will find a suitable replacement. It's the HC that matters.

CT said...

We hired him.

Last time I looked, BC is a Power 5.


BCFBfan said...

I really appreciate the job Coach Addazio has done with this program. It has really been a complete 180 degree turn. He and his coaching staff have developed a great plan to rebuild this program and the players have bought in and executed it. They have brought this program back from the dead. And the future is bright. Now the BC Administration needs to make a real commitment to this program and lock him up (amongst other things). It's time to start thinking proactively and break the mold. Decisions to ensure this program continues it's upward trend need to be made. Let's just hope the Administration allows Brad Bates the opportunity to lock up Coach Addazio. It won't be long before another program comes calling.

BCDisco said...

Daz is winning more than he is losing, he runs a clean program and his players graduate. That's all the BC admins care about, so they're perfectly happy with the status quo.

I don't get the Day hate. But I'm no offensive genius, so...

There are power 5 programs and there are marquee programs. BC is not a marquee program. Daz won't be hired to one until BC is in the top 25 consistently. I can understand extending Daz's contract a couple years and giving him a bump in pay, but let's not go crazy and give him a decade-long contract like ND did with Charlie Weiss.

Danny Boy said...

Florida and Nebraska have both moved real fast and locked down their candidates.

I agree with Bill in that while Michigan is a big name, all the various acrobatics going on there will not result in Addazio moving.

Hoib said...

Alex L

We won't be a marquee program unless we act like one. Even if Daz turns out to be another Charlie, and I certainly don't think he will, it's a risk you have to take if you want to be a player.

mod34b said...

Hiob - so touchy. Must i always agree with you?

Seriously, Daz is not a prime time coach yet. Can you really believe MICHIGAN would hire Daz? Oh my.

Yes, Daz rescued BC from the Spaz Error, and made BC a decent, middle-of-the-road team. Daz has not truly succeed at BC yet. Let's see if he can get to a TOB level. Let's see if he can get us beyond the TOB ceiling.

Let's get to the Conference championship and win it. Let's get to a January bowl. Let's get a top 20 recruiting class.

Daz has got lots of work ahead of him. I hope he succeeds.

As for the offensive coordinator named Ryan Day, he did suprise me this year when Chip Kelley actually showed up for a BC game. Wow. Chip does know Day (but will not hire him).

Day is ok, but not very imaginative or flexible. Running a million runs into the line for 1 yard ain't too bright. Also, the WRs were not well trained in things like catching the ball. Look at last year, Day never had Rettig complete a single pass to Andre Williams. Williams is catching balls in the NFL now. How is that Day did not recognize Williams was a decent receiver?

As I say, Day is ok, but BC can and should do better. I think Day could be a great HC at UNH or Delaware or some place like that.

Hoib said...


Look who Nebraska and Fla. just hired. Daz will be long gone before he ever gets to any of your hurdles. Day and Brown do what Daz tells them to do.

Kash86 said...


In theory, what would be the protocol if a school like UM came calling. What (if anything) is Bates allowed to offer. What steps/hurdles would he have to go through to make a new offer/extension to Addazio ?

Hoib said...


If Michigan comes calling it's too late. To give Daz a new deal is a preemptive action.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Hey mod34b - good comments re Daz. Like everything I have seen but let's not get carried away with ourselves. I think everyone had become so accustomed to losing under the prior regime - anything positive is hugely magnified. A justly deserved ovation for Daz - but hold off on standing until we really have something special.

Bravesbill said...

I actually think Daz would fit in well with Michigan. He has enacted the type of philsophy (smash-mouth football) at BC that would work well in the Big 10. However, there is no way he's even considered as a candidate. Michigan has to go out and hire a big name coach after their last disaster of a hire.

BCFBfan said...

Thought you guys might be interested in this article about Michigan checking in on Coach Addazio.

JBQ said...

I would bet that Bates ends up at Michigan. The money getting thrown around is astronomical. A conspiracy mind says that the interim AD will hire Addazio and then Bates will follow. You have to remember that Saban wants to organize a "Super Conference" which will pay players. The entire landscape is an embarrassment to education. Nevertheless, it is an avalanche which can't be stopped. JPII was going to stand in front of the Russian tanks. I just can't see the "red headed vicar" of BC standing in front of an avalanche.