Sunday, December 28, 2014

The day after the Pinstripe Bowl

I haven't been able to watch the game back yet. I've been pro-Playoff anti-Bowl for a while, mostly because of the subjectivity of the system. Now I am starting to wonder if even this level of bowl is worth the fans. We never really revel or remember the wins. However, the losses are killers. I will have the grades and thoughts up Monday. Until then, here are some other links and things related to the game.

Soaring to Glory rounded up the various BC personalities' twitter reactions to the bowl game.

Addazio said all the right things in the post game, but he is already starting to lower expectations for next year. I understand his point, but as I will blog about plenty this offseason, Year 3 is pretty telling regardless of the circumstances or roster.

Here is a Vine of a frustrated Addazio during the game.

My old friend Old Man attend the game too and shared these photos. Aside from the end, everyone enjoyed the experience. ("...other than that, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln?")


mod34b said...

Dazz i expect better than excuses - yes, excuses - like this Be the Big Dude

"COACH ADDAZIO: Yes. I mean, our season is a major step forward. People picked us at the very bottom of the conference. We are in a major rebuilding scenario here at Boston College. Most people on the inside that know would tell you this is a four-year to five-year rebuilding process. There's a lot of great things happening.

I'm not wired like that. Our program is not going to be wired like that. Year three, we have one recruiting class right now, one full recruiting class. We played 18 freshmen this season. We're still a couple years away. We got to get a couple more recruiting classes in here. That's a fact.

It was mentioned the other day, I didn't correct it, but we returned our whole offensive line this year. That's not an accurate statement. We returned two starters this year. We lost Harris Williams in the first game, so we replaced three of the offensive linemen this year. We're going to graduate this whole group. There's a big void there. We're going to play with a very young offensive line next year. So we're still in that process.

Yeah, I mean, I think there's great progress, great development, great growth. There's a lot of buzz about Boston College, all for the right reasons, it's an exciting program right now. But we're still in that same year-one-through-three rebuilding phase until we can fill those voids we have on our roster. That's really going to take two years."

CT said...

An excuse or the simple truth?

The guys he's brought in are either redshirt freshmen or true sophomores.

Those guys usually don't make a difference. Nutrition, lifting, age, etc.

Nobody should make a judgment before four years.

This isn't an especially talented roster.

Just feel bad for the seniors/grad students.

Hoib said...


I agree w/ you completely.

Most people on this blog focus on offense, Day, lack of passing etc. Most of our losses come from poor pass defense. I think in year 3 we will be better there, but we are still a long way from being top flight. If you ignore the records we were much better in year 2. We were in every game but 1. If we had a decent kicker we probably would have won 2 more. Last year we had Frieze who won a game w/ a 51 yarder. It shouldn't be that hard to find an adequate kicker. So far Daz has surprised on the upside 2 years in a row. Keep the faith everyone, he knows what he is doing.

Claver2010 said...

"Now I am starting to wonder if even this level of bowl is worth the fans. We never really revel or remember the wins. However, the losses are killers. "

Was certainly worth it. Showed BC will travel for a game in a reasonable location. Was an awesome time for anyone there, outside of the final 5 minutes or so of the game.

I'd do it again next time no question.

Hoib said...


Abosolutely right. I checked in on TV to most of the bowls this season prior to this one, stands mostly empty. The atmosphere at this game was tremendous, couldn't get over how PSU celebrated when they won. Their program has been to and won every bowl there is, and yet you would have thought they just won the national title. Maybe it was just my perspective being at the game , but I'm surprised no one has mentioned how well the PSU QB played. He threw dozens of perfect balls where only his guy could get it. The guy was super. Our DBs tried and were mostly in position, they just didn't match up physically w/ their receivers. In hindsight the beautiful day was definetly better for them. If it was cold and nasty we would have been much better off.

As to the BC turnout it was great. Bumpted into 1/2 a dozen classmates just by chance. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

eagleboston said...

Here is why the bowl game is worth it....extra practices for the young players.

Expectations should be lower next season. Daz's insistence on sticking with Murphy means we will be forced to start an inexperienced QB next fall. Neither was able to beat out Murphy so the hope is that they vastly improve by next fall. Also, we have to break in an entirely new O-line. That is a huge issue as it all starts up front and that position usually requires 2-3 years to develop. Unless we find some 5th years, our new QB may find himself on his back most of next season.

Add to this the emergence of NC State and Louisville and wins may be hard to come by next season. Still, this coaching staff has surprised me both seasons so far. I'm keeping my expectations low and hoping for a 3rd straight surprise.

mod10aeagle said...

"Now I am starting to wonder if even this level of bowl is worth the fans. We never really revel or remember the wins. However, the losses are killers. "

That's about 80% of the definition of a fan's reaction to every game, regular season and otherwise.

We botched three things that cost this game, the least of which was the extra point. The other two were bad throws to wide open receivers and way too much cushion on their receivers. Fix two of those and BC wins by two scores, at least.