Saturday, January 17, 2015

BC makes statement on paying players

The Power 5 moved closer to paying players. All the schools are for the effort -- except one: BC. We were the only Power 5 to vote against the stipend. Clearly BC knew the initiative would pass. So I have no problem filing a protest vote. Paying players will pass and BC will pay players too.

I am not sure why BC felt the need to vote against this. Maybe they wanted to make a statement too our own fans. We're the only people who really care about the BC vote anyway.


mod34b said...

Thank you BC for being the lone -wow - voice of dissent on going down the road of paying players.

The Big 5 schools separated from rest of amateur sport to do things just like this.

This quote seemed to sum it up

""These things we voted on today, most of them would never have passed in the larger assembly of the shared governance, because they can't be applied by all the schools," said Oklahoma's Darlington. "That's something. This is big."

In other words, big $ wanted this. And got it without a word of concern from 79 of 80 schools. Silence in this instance really is golden.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

Why am I not surprised you are in favor of this

mod34b said...


Given your history of misconstruing many posts, What is it you think I favor?

How about sticking to your own views? Do you have one?

Hoib said...

ESPN has paid 7 billion dollars for the right to televise the CFP over the next 12 years. The players are whom everyone watches,why shouldn't the players get some of that dough.

TheFive said...

BC's stance is embarrassing to the university and shortsighted. It's not a big deal, except that lack of judgment exercised in this vote suggests that the absence of judgment is not an isolated occurrence.

Tim said...

BC players are already paid. They get a quarter million dollar education for free.

Hoib said...


It's no where near commensurate w/ what they bring in, or what they would command in an open market. Why should chumps like Spaz, and Donahue get millions and the players chump change.

mod34b said...

Hoib, Are you suggesting college "student" athletes should be paid based in open market rates, like the NFL, CFL and other pro leagues?

in other words, just do away with amateur athletics for big money sports?

CT said...

Chump change. Hmm. Sallie Mae would disagree.

Can I borrow some money for my student loans, Hoib? Loans that become twice the amount I borrowed. Smart guy.

So every scholarship player earns their keep? Really? All 85? Then we should have a tiered pay system based on contributions? Taxed, of course, for you believers that everyone should be paying more.

The open market? Aren't the good ones auditioning for the NFL? You know, the top 1pct? I'm confused. Maybe I'm just unused to hearing that 200k is "chump change." Silly me. I'll learn.

Goberry said...

79-1, Another lopsided BC loss.

Hoib said...


Football is in a completely different stratosphere these days. You should know, based on where you live, just do the math. Open tennis was once for amateurs only, so was the Olympics, now it's time for college football. So many people are getting rich off the backs of these young guys, it's unjust. Sorry I offended you w/ the chump change comment.

ORDEagle said...

It is difficult to call it unjust when in fact, the structure of the deal is well known by the party prior to signing a Letter of Intent to play football. If it were truly "unjust" you would simply choose not to participate. There is no forced servitude here. No one has a right to play a D1 sport.

It has all gotten a little crazy. Its a race to the bottom. And I for one would have no problem with BC walking away from it all and playing ivy league level football. It still makes for a fun Fall afternoon.

Hoib said...
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Hoib said...


I commend you for your honesty unlike the school which is perfectly willing to take the $, but still wants to come across as holier than thou.