Sunday, January 18, 2015

Men's Hockey losses to Maine and other links

The Men's Hockey team came back down to Earth Sunday, losing to Maine 4-2.

The Women's Hockey team shutout Vermont.

Women's Basketball lost to Syracuse.

The Heights got a statement from BC regarding the Cost of Attendance issue:

“Boston College is concerned with continuing to pass legislation that increases expenses when the vast majority of schools are already institutionally subsidized. The consequence of such legislation could ultimately hurt student-athletes if / when programs are cut.
This legislation further segregates student-athletes from the general student population by increasing aid without need-based consideration. Legislation already exists for student-athletes in need through pell grants and the student-assistance fund. We have concerns that the Federal Financial aid formula is sufficiently ambiguous that adjustments for recruiting advantage will take place.”

I still think BC will end up doing what every other school does.

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