Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BC needs to beat Harvard

The first public inkling that Gene might fire Al Skinner came after a loss to Harvard. Donahue reached one of his lowest points in a loss to Harvard. Wednesday night is Jim Christian's first shot at our Ivy League nemesis. The game means nothing in terms of ACC play, but it is very important for Jim Christian with regards to setting expectations going forward.

Despite their respectable record, this Harvard team is not as good as some of their more recent squads. The Crimson are favored but we have the talent to hang with them. Once again Hanlan will be the best player on the court and we have enough size to give them trouble at other positions.

Winning this game would snap the losing streak and show that Christian's guys are still on board and still competing. It would also begin to change perception locally among BC fans and casual basketball fans. Harvard had a nice run, but now BC is getting things back in order.


mod34b said...

a win is a win

BCDoubleEagle said...

BC is 8-7. Last year at this point we were 4-11.

Hoib said...


Allot of the 7 losses were close. We come to play every night. Beat Harvard and PC,haven't done that for a while. This is about all you can ask at this point. Let's hope we can steal a few in the ACC.