Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Our long national nightmare is over. Well maybe that is a little much. Our long losing streak to Harvard is finally over. BC nearly blew it again, but forced OT and then pulled away in the extra five minutes. It wasn't a fun game or clean game, but there were some positives. Here are a few other thoughts:

-- Improvement in atmosphere. Based on the ESPN3 feed it felt like the Conte crowd was into the game. Some of it was surely Harvard fans, but having the students back in campus also helped. Conte is not going to become Cameroon Indoor any time soon, but I think support and noise will energize the team and create some momentum.
-- Terrible Free Throws again. This wouldn't have gone to OT or even been close if BC improved its foul shooting. There are ways to improve it (see UConn under Ollie). Let's hope Christian tries something new.
-- Better Defense from Clifford. Earlier in the year he was coming to far out on pick and rolls and had trouble recovering. Now he's moving much better (although he was slow in OT). This will help our overall D.

Things don't get easier with UVA on the way, but at least we can now focus on ACC teams instead of Ivies. 


Big Ern said...

"Cameroon" indoor? Sounds like an awesome place to watch a game!

Matt said...

would like to see some different looks in halfcourt offense. we insist in running high pick and rolls all game with hanlan on the ball and clifford, magarity, sometimes (though not last night) Cain Carney. All those guys work hard, set good picks, but are terrible options for that high P&R. Watch what other teams do, every single time. The guy guarding the big hedges way out until Hanlan's man recovers, at which point they are essentially doubling Hanlan while the big rolls....because they know the big can't do anything with it if Hanlan gives it to them. All this is doing is creating more traffic around Hanlan and making him work harder with the ball outside the 3 point line. If any of those guys could pick and pop, or catch the ball on the roll and take a dribble to get to the hoop, this may be more effective but the way we are executing it and with the personnel we are using, I just don't see it being our best option in the halfcourt.

Matt said...

and to end on a positive note, great to get the win over harvard, never thought i would be that excited to beat that team. hopefully this is a good turning point learning how to close out these close ones!

mod34b said...

I watched the last 10 minutes of the game.

Wow. That was some awful basketball.

Totally lacking flow and fluidity. Stiff. Looked like high school ball.

Clifford is among the better BC free throw shooters - at 70%. But his foul shot is horrendous. CLANG!

Odio threw an airball! AN AIRBALL on a 3 point try.

Defense seemed better, despite the many O-rebounds allowed.

Hoib said...


I agree. I think it might work better to have the 4 be the high screener w/ Clif staying down low and working side to side. Even so Hanlan must give up the ball to the roller, otherwise it's pointless. I think this is a hangover from Donahue days. I never understood why our best down low option, Anderson, was constantly screening up high. All this is a function of not having a real 1 or 4. Some day we will.

CHI_Eagle said...

does anyone have any idea when tickets for the BC/ND game at Fenway are going on sale? or are tickets just going straight to alumni fanbases?

AlbanyEagle said...

It's a "Shamrock Series" game - - pardon me while I puke - - a "home" game for the domers, right in our backyard. They will get the lion's share of the tickets and leave the scraps for us.
Here's hoping Daz can re-engineer this team and beat the crap out of them in Fenway, broadcast nationally by NDC.