Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Bedoya: future of U.S. soccer

Grantland featured former Eagle Alejandro Bedoya Tuesday and wrote that he is model for U.S. Soccer and reinforces Jürgen Klinsmann's desire to have his players playing in Europe's best leagues and not MLS. The BC-connection to it all was that Bedoya elected to play in Sweden after finishing up at BC because of another Eagle Charlie Davies. His friend prepared him for the social issues that Bedoya would face in Europe but also explained how it would sharpen his game. Leaning on alumni friends for career advice happens all the time among BC folks even if your office is a Soccer Pitch in Sweden.


JBQ said...

Didn't know Bedoya was BC. I know about Davies. Nguyen is also an assistant coach. Obviously, soccer football is a world wide wave. I am glad that BC is surfing the phenomenon. I happen to be a Dutch fan with Robben and the other wooden shoes and windmills.

WI_Eagle said...

I love BC sports more than anything but I've never seen such a sorry-lookin heap of maggot shit in all my life as the basketball program.