Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cannot top 'Canes

Basketball lost another tough game. A loss is a loss, but this one was more encouraging than the collapse against Pitt. BC couldn't make a shot for long stretches and had real trouble on interior D, but still managed a comeback to tie the game late. Even in the final seconds, Christian set up a good play to get Hanlan a clean look. He missed, but he'll make some of those soon. Here are some other thoughts:

-- Odio came to play. Maybe it was being back home or maybe he's finally healthy, but Odio had a good game. He made three critical 3s. His help D was ok, but he still has trouble with guys away from the basket. He was certainly an improvement over Heckmann.
-- Missing FTs cost BC the game. Hanlan and Clifford both missed crucial tries late. That's mental. Hopefully more of those will fall in soon.
-- The Defensive schemes are solid. BC had real trouble with Jekiri's strength and size, but overall the defense was good. There weren't as many open looks for Miami and we are still not athletic, but they are getting better on D. That is another long-term sign that things are headed in the right direction. 

Next up is Harvard. It's not an ACC game, but it is very important as a program building game.


EL MIZ said...

can we please beat Harvard. Donahue never could. that would be a good step for Christian. otherwise, this season seems lost already.

mod34b said...

Christian starting to feel like Donahue Redux.

maybe next year will be better

Bravesbill said...

Has Hanlan ever hit an important free throw? Seems like he has missed every free throw under 2 minutes in the the last 2 years.

tpsreports said...

I agree on your points ATL and was really happy to see Odio play well but I think it is a mistake to write Heckmann off. I know he makes frustrating errors but on a team that has very little talent, he needs to play and play with more confidence and that has to come from his coaches and teammates. He missed the chippies to win the Pitt game but with Hanlan blanketed he was our only chance at getting to the rim. And he did. Two really solid moves and just head scratching misses. I think he has been creating good space off the dribble but passing up his own shot too much. No need to kick it out for a better look when the guy on the wing can't shoot anyway. I want to see him playing more and shooting more.

Hoib said...


I agree w/ most of what you say, but I diasagree on one part of the defense. Clifford is helping and switching too much way away from the basket. This leads to mismatches for our small guys on the opponents bigs. I'd like to see him limit his help to foul line and below. This will lead him to be able to help more where he can do some good and also in better position to rebound.

I liked that he got some touches down low. It adds a balance to our offense that is sorely needed. I think w/ his atletic ability and size he still has allot more upside if we get him some reps, and he can develope some confidence.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I agree Hoib - Clifford has to stay much closer to the basket and focus on rebounding and taking advantage of low hanging fruit that comes his way under or near the basket. That applies to some of our taller forwards as well. We don't seem to converge well towards the basket after a shot is taken. And our game under the basket is poor. That's the thing I used to love about Craig Smith and Danya Abrams - they made most of the easy shots under or near the rim.