Friday, January 09, 2015

Meyer's offensive adaptations and what is means for BC

If you like wonky football Xs & Os and the evolution of an offense, read this Grantland piece on Urban Meyer's incorporation of Oregon schemes into his offense. Due to Addazio's ties to Meyer's power/spread/option work at Florida and Ryan Day's ties to the Chip Kelly/Oregon tempo/spread, there are elements of both styles in BC's offense. However, the Addazio/Day hybrid has been very different from both (so far).

As Grantland pointed out, Meyer still uses power, but also added much more zone blocking schemes and attacks the defense outside the tackles. Since leaving Florida and partnering with Day, Addazio has doubled down on power. We between the tackles all the time and even when we throw in a jet sweep to Alston, it still has power elements. BC also runs more than Oregon or Ohio State. The only programs that run more than BC tend to be teams that run variants of the triple option.

But how much of what BC does is by design and how much is necessity? Addazio didn't inherit a roster like Meyer's or spend the past decade recruiting speedsters like Oregon. Other than the power football, the only hallmark of Addazio's first two years is his ability to adapt his offense to the talent available. He's not stubbornly trying to shove a square peg into a round hole.

I expect BC's offense to continue to evolve. Will they follow Meyer's path or will they incorporate Kelly in different ways? It will be interesting to see. But at least Addazio and Day's peers and role models are showing that you have to keep adapting and changing. Hopefully their adaptations lead BC to a championship game like it did for Urban Meyer.


JBQ said...

It won't happen unless you can kick extra points and pass further than 2 yds.

Hoib said...

I definetly had the feeling watching OSU in the sugar that their offense looked very familiar. Can't wait to see how we run it when Daz/Day have their guys fully in place.

NEDofSavinHill said...

OSU probably wins title game. Oregon won't have the advantages it had in the Rose Bowl. It was a pac 12 venue that they played in during the year . Practically a home game. They won't have SEC officials that allowed the ducks to tackle FSU's O;Leary on pass plays without a penalty. They won't be able to hold as they did. It is almost impossible for an ACC team to win a game officiated by the SEC. This years title game will be an away game in an unfamiliar environment for Oregon. OSU will be making a trip similar to the Sugar Bowl. OSU is more physical and has a championship coach. 2. Interesting to note OSU has only lost three games in the past three years but two of them were to ACC teams. ( Clemson and VT) OSU is 0-2 vs the ACC in that time span.3. Bama is purportedly the top team in the SEC. In the last two years they are 0-2 in major bowl games with losses to OSU and Oklahoma. Clemson is 2-0 in major bowl games the last two years with wins over OSU and Oklahoma. Which program is better? FSU, GT and Clemson may all be superior to Bama. One of the most comical events of the season was to listen to CBS announcers Danielson and Lundquist cover a BAMA game in November and hear them proclaim how great the Tide was. " This is as good as it gets in college football". " No one in the country does it better". These claims even prompted an ESPN radio guy to say it was over the top. In their last 16 games Bama is 12-4. Some teams do it better.In Bama's last three Sugar Bowls they are 0-3 giving up almost 40 a game. The Maginot Line has provided better defense than Bama's front seven.