Friday, January 23, 2015

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mod34b said...

"I never got that vocal minority of BC fans that didn't like Ryan Day. Thought he did a great job maximizing results from limited roster."


Let look at those results and that limited roster.

2014 results

#83 total offense
#124 total pass offense
#105 Red Zone opportunities
#86 Scoring
#96 First Downs
#100 3rd down conversions
#10 Time of possession
#15 Rushing yards

In his time at BC Ryan had one of BC's most experienced and veteran O-Lines; he had the second most prolific passer at BC in last 10 years, he had one of the best runnign QBs in the nation and the best BC running back ever?

Result: 8-8 in ACC (.500)
14-12 overall (.538)

GP11 said...
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GP11 said...


You really have to give it up. I don't think any BC fan will claim RD was perfect, but he was not the root of all evil that you seem to claim. The best part of him leaving will surely be the fact that the readers of this blog will no longer have to read your never ending diatribes decrying his playcalling.

Molding an offense that created a Heisman trophy finalist out of a guy who had never cracked an All-ACC team is pretty pathetic I guess.

Molding an offense that created the all-time single-season ACC QB rusher while every opposition stacks the box because said QB is a C- passer at best is pretty pathetic I guess.

Look at advanced statistics...

You'll see in 2014 BC was the #32 team in the country with the #23 offense in the nation, using their combined rankings (#17 and #29 respectively). When you consistently run the ball, you chew up clock, hence the #10 in time of possession. Less clock means less plays and less number of possessions. Less plays/possessions means less yards and less scores. ADDITIONALLY, by controlling the clock and slowing the game down, you create less possessions/plays for the other team. Thus, you are also aiding your defense which was clearly limited as noted by the inability to get key stops in so many of our losses.

For the record, they support your claim by ranking the 2014 OL as the #20 in the country.

He had the 2nd most prolific passer in the past 10 years? So #2 out of 5 total players (if we're going to count the joy that was Dave Shinskie)? I don't think that's something to write home about. I think we all give Chase the credit he deserves for going through countless OCs, but the reason he piled up so many yards was because we had no choice but to throw being down multiple scores.

Perhaps Ryan Day was actually an above average coordinator and a key reason why Tyler Murphy and Andre Williams were able to achieve such success.

Good luck to Ryan Day. I hope he achieves all the success in the world and becomes a viable future head coach. And good luck to Daz in finding a replacement. Hopefully we can continue to build on the successes of the past couple of years. Go Eagles.

mod34b said...

GP11, so you are relying on the The Fremeau Efficiency Index to support your case. Oh my.

eagle1331 said...

I agree with Mod.

Good Riddance.

Joe Gravellese said...

"GP11, so you are relying on the The Fremeau Efficiency Index to support your case. Oh my."

great evidence-based rebuttal champ

mod34b said...

@joegrav, so what's your view? i've already laid out my case. You're a sports writer, right? what say you? or do you just like saying 'champ'?

mod34b said...

in a prior post, Hoib asked: "Where did Ga Tech rank in the national passing stats? Pretty close to us, yet they are Orange Bowl Champs."

The simplistic logic behind this question is that both BC and GT are successful running teams and not passing teams. This much is true, but the similarities end there. The stat i like best is 3rd down conversion. We were #100 and GT was #1.

#20 (BC #83) total offense
#123 (BC #124) total pass offense
#4 (BC #105) Red Zone opportunities
#12 (BC #86) Scoring
#12 (BC #96) First Downs
#1 (BC #100) 3rd down conversions
#3 (BC #10) Time of possession
#2 (BC #15) Rushing yards

CT said...

I have to be honest. With the talent we've had the last two seasons, what more did you expect? I thought Day did a reasonably good job in matching a philosophy with the athletes. Murphy couldn't throw the ball in the ocean. Rettig wasn't really that much better. And comparing any team outside of the service academies to Tech is like comparing apples to carburetors. I agree with GP11. We'll miss the criticism. This blog just won't be the same.

mod34b said...

Being better than Spaz is not much of a feat. Daz n Day were better than Spaz. They did ok. My point is just that. Day was only OK. Not a rising star. We were not lucky to have him. Day had very good moments (USC) but was not an outstanding OC. He was not even a good OC. He was a below average OC. See stats; watch games.

Open question for me is whether "Daz made him do it." Daz may be the one requiring such total lack of imagination, surprise and spontaneity. Daz's tenure at Florida was marked with this kind of dumb inflexibility. Who will Daz attract?

Last: let's drop this notion that there is anything about Daz and his offense that remotely resembles the Work of Urban Meyer

Hoib said...

All these stats are meaningless unless placed in context. I don't have time to look it up, but I bet Ga. Tech is near the bottom of the nation in passing yet are Orange Bowl champs. I bet Texas Tech is near the top in passing yet they stunk. I repeat statistics are for losers. Day was an integral part of a team that won more games in the new regimes first year than the priors 2 seasons combined, and then repeated it in the second to show it wasn't a fluke. If he's so bad why would he get hired to deal w/ the passer in the pass happy NFL. I'll miss him.

Mod will now move on to some other foolish obsession. His aim is to annoy.

mod34b said...

Hoib, you old goat . Your GT commented was already answered above. Read and you shall see and maybe you'll refrain from your dumb comments But then again you don't know anything about football