Saturday, February 21, 2015

Addazio's New England

For years BC coaches whispered that there wasn't enough talent in New England to build a champion. While Addazio still continues recruiting ACC territories and the Midwest, he's clearly a believer in the local talent. Saturday he added two more members to his 2016 class and both are from New England.

The first verbal of the day was Connecticut Tight End Scooter Harrington. This is a good pickup for BC even though we had an in (both of his parents are BC grads). Harrington is expected to play Tight End, but certainly has enough athleticism to play in other spots. His dad was Defensive Lineman in the 1980s.

Massachusetts OLineman Sean Ragan also committed to BC. He plays for Brian St. Pierre at St. John's Prep. 

Both join Massachusetts Tight End Danny Dalton as members of the 2016 class. Early verbals to BC will probably draw interest from other programs, but Addazio has been very good at keeping kids committed, especially the locals. 


mod34b said...

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. close means nothing in recruiting.

Daz tried very hard to recruit in the mid-atlantic and midwest but badly whiffed

maybe a 5% success rate.

that needs to improve

there is -- for sure -- not enough ACC-level talent in New England to build a top-20 program

EL MIZ said...

Mod34B - can you provide us with a breakdown of each ACC schools "success" rate as calculated by you. until you actually provide legitimate comps, you are again just citing arbitrary stats that you have made up more or less out of thin air.

we currently have over 100 offers out according to ESPN, yet we are only going to bring on 15-18 recruits next year. clearly they factor in that there is probably about a 15% success rate on any given recruit.

Ragan had an offer from the U, while Harrington had offers from NC State, UVA, Pitt and Wake. any time we can get talent that other ACC schools wanted, that is a good thing.

mod34b said...

Miz. True that it's good to be competing for and winning recruiting battles with other ACC teams (and P5 teams) rather than MAC and AAC teams. Not a lot of that happened last year.

But your desire for meaningless comparative success-rate stats is just an attempt to distract from facts: Daz did a horrible job recruiting last year in NJ, PA and OH. Do you disagree? Of course you don't. The results there were abysmal and we all know it.

On the other hand, nice to see SOME growth in our FL efforts last year.

For BC to get back to a top 20 program we need to recruit very successfully in New England, AND NY, NJ, PA and OH. FL too.

Daz was hired because he was supposed to excel in recruiting. So far, he has not yet excelled. Hopefully, he can soon live up to expectations

Kash86 said...

There are only so many spots. You look at most programs around the country, theyre classes are made up primarily of guys within the region of the school.

So BC brings in 40% to 50% of their class from New England (which is normal of classes across the country), that only leaves 10-12 spots. Its impossible to satisfy your "quota" of having to recruit a certain number of kids from each state to achieve what you consider a successful class.

The NJ and PA thing is going to be difficult until the administration decides to open its wallets and put money into facilities (which is another discussion itself). Its as easy as that. Penn States situation makes it much harder. I would still say, that looking at Addazios first 2 classes, NJ has been a success (as the 2 guys who have seen the field have been major contributors)

NY doesnt have a deep football base, but it is close enough where BC has brand recognition and will be in picture in the rare event they have a kid worth recruiting (but no loss with minimal talent).

AS for the midwest (i assume youre specifically talking about Ohio), it takes time to build a base in these states. St. X, the one school we actually have a history with, yielded a recruit (as did Moeller, another power in Cincy). Just because TOB, who had a DEEP history within the Cincy area, had success in Ohio, doesnt mean that Addazio will (nor that he will even care/emphasize the area). We are multiple staffs and almost 7 years removed from O'Brien, it will take time

Where has Addazio had a history recruiting, the Northeast and Florida, both of which he recruited very well this year.

eagleboston said...

It does surprise me that we don't recruit the catholic schools nationally. Several catholic schools won state titles last year and 1-2 players off each team are Division 1 recruits. We need to recruit those schools and beat out the local state schools for those players. I do like that Addazio is fighting hard for the New England talent and it least trying to keep the best players at BC.

Hoib said...

Daz has won 14 games in his first 2 years. The 2 years prior to his coming BC only won 6. If he starts to screw up then you can get on his recruiting otherwise give him the benefit of the doubt.