Saturday, February 21, 2015

No D against ND

I can't figure this team out. I keep thinking that one thing is the problem and then in the next few games the issues will be something different. Saturday it was the Defense. Defense was supposed to be a focal point The D even improved for long stretches. Yet it was the problem in the loss to Notre Dame. The Irish are highly efficient on Offense, but they aren't this good. A few thoughts:

-- Too many easy baskets. We didn't turn the ball over very often, but nearly all the TOs lead to Notre Dame points. They scored at will close to the basket. Where was the help for Clifford?
-- Don't think about Colson. As frustrating as it is to watch a couple of Mass kids wipe the floor with BC, that really doesn't fall on Christian. I love Al, but keeping Colson around was one of the things that hurt the program. Papa was not a great recruiter and couldn't fill the void left by Cooley and Coen. Notice that Colson Sr never caught on again with a college program -- not even with one of Skinner's old assistants. I hope we start getting the best players in New England but our current rosters is not a mess because of our current coach.
-- Hanlan keeps rolling. He didn't score 30, but Hanlan still played well. Notre Dame tried to minimize his driving and instead he hit a bunch of 3s. Too bad we wasted another good game.

We wasted a good Hanlan game and a good Clifford game. Maybe against Pitt things will be better.


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Unknown said...

Why did Clifford not stay home on picks??

Hoib said...

Clifford flashing at the top on D has been a problem all season. If he can't get back that means Heckman has to provide the weak side help down low, which he is just to small and slow to do. ND is a great passing team and played us once already, so they beat us to death w/ that weakness we have. I guess Christian wants his big to come up high, but w/o a real 4 it leaves a big vulnerability.


What you say about Colson may be true, but any reminder of our past success is still very painful for a long time fan like me.

Bravesbill said...

Could this team actually finish with a worse ACC record than last year? Geesh.