Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Barnes-Thompkins commits

Jim Christian picked up another recruit with Sammy Barnes-Thompkins. He is a combo guard from Arizona and originally committed to St. John's and reopened his recruiting after Steve Lavin left. This is huge on many fronts. First BC added some major conference talent and depth. Second, like last year, BC took advantage of a coaching change at another school. In an ideal world, BC would have a deep pipeline and relationships that allowed them to lock up their own recruits. But being opportunistic about a shakeup at another program is not a bad thing.

This seems like the end of the 2015 recruits. Now BC can focus on transfers, who can bring roster balances and some experience.


FakeShalomTfree said...

Its nice to see some good news out of the program for a change. It'll be interesting to watch this incoming recruiting class develop. On paper, they actually look pretty decent. Hopefully, BC will open their wallets and bring in a capable recruiter to replace Murphy. We all saw what happened after Joe Jones left for BU

EL MIZ said...

so our roster is Clifford (C), Garland (SG/SF), and Diallo (PF), plus the 4 freshmen (what appears to be an SF, two SG, and a PG).

maybe Hicks will play as well.

what an absolute dumpster fire this team is. hopefully one of the freshmen can play.