Thursday, May 21, 2015

Arizona package? and other links

The best type of recruiting is when one elite player brings in another. According to Hoffses, that could be happening at BC if Arizona big man Andre Adams joins Sammy Barnes-Thompkins.  Adams will probably have to decide soon. The added bonus of the package is that it helps the transition for two kids far away from home.

For those who missed it, Chase Rettig signed with the Chargers. This follows a tryout with the Dolphins. I don't know why these teams are showing interest now but didn't really pursue Chase after Green Bay dropped him last season. I wish him well and think he can still be a solid NFL backup.

Rettig's teammate KPL is ready to get back on the field.

BC finished 6th nationally for APR success. 12 Eagle teams qualified for being in the Top 10th percentile of their respective sport in graduating student athletes.


Kash86 said...

Isn't this effectively creating another mega class ie Donahue's first class ? With now 4 in the boat, SBTs teammate, and Diallo being a redshirt freshman next year, this class has the potential to be 6 deep. I thought Christian was trying to avoid that via graduate transfers

EL MIZ said...

Unknown - was thinking the same thing, but "beggars can't be choosers" as the saying goes. our front line is Clifford (missed an entire year due to injuries and has banged up throughout) and Diallo (missed all of last year with injuries). thats literally the list of bigs on the roster. if we can get another body, it needs to be done, regardless of what year he'll be.

JBQ said...

I found the information on Chase and KPL to be interesting. Chase had lots of talent that was oozed away by Spaz. KPL has always been highly rated. Both have to bide their time and see what shakes loose.

Unknown said...

Big classes are only bad if they aren't pruned later on. Donahue couldn't identify who to give minutes to and who to be honest with about their d1 prospects. No one came down on Michigan for the fab 5 or Kentucky last year. BC isn't above big classes

Al said...

notable for the sf too

dixieagle said...

I couldn't be happier for Chase Rettig. I think he had talent but was never developed by the amateur hour that was Spaz and Co.

Scott said...

Don't buy into the myth that a 5 man recruiting class sets the program up for cyclical failure. That's not why BC's roster is in such bad shape.

The main problem with Donahue's first big recruiting class was that only 2 of the 5 guys were ACC-caliber (both of whom lost a year due to injury/transfer) ... . The other 3 were marginal roll-players at best, and he failed to land any noteworthy recruits (save Hanlon), in the following two classes.

If Christian signs 5 ACC-caliber players (say 3 starters & 2 rotation guys), and follows it up with 2 more quality & complimentary players in each subsequent class, then BC will be in great shape.

Plus, the new found Graduate student transfer option is an easy fix for Christian to ease the blow of having 5 guys graduate down the road.

Bottom line, "evening out the classes" is a luxury we shouldn't worry about until we're competitive again.