Sunday, May 17, 2015

Corporate Dude

This might seem like another fawning Addazio post but at this point what's good for Steve Addazio is good for BC. While we still need a really good coach, having someone who is willingly the face of the program is still such a breath of fresh air that I have to note the change. Look at the past few weeks as Daz started working the corporate circuit. The visit to Under Armour was part of an overall BC event, but Addazio talking to Wheels Up at one of their corporate events was not.

This is the face of our school interacting with business leaders. Do the people in this room go out and buy BC football tickets? Probably not many. If they paid Addazio (I assume they did), does BC get any of the money? Highly unlikely. Yet even without the direct benefit, these sorts of experiences do help BC. It opens the door for future sponsorships. It keeps Addazio happy. Maybe there is a future BC parent in that crowd who was partly inspired by the coach. Maybe Addazio can make a connection that gets one of his players a post-football job. But there is a long-tail benefit to having our coach expand his network beyond football and beyond BC. 

As much as he likes to give speeches or make TV appearances, football comes first. That won't change. But it is refreshing to see our coach embrace the off-the-field aspects of the job. It shows he has a passion for people and is proud of what he's building. That sort of pride should translate to the team he coaches. 


Anonymous said...

Amen dude amen

eagleboston said...

It used to drive me insane that Spaz and O'Brien would never, ever do any national press. In this day and age, you have to get out and sell the program. Get on the national sports talk shows, get on ESPN. Sell the program.

EagleOutDere said...

Maybe he'll convince a daddy war bucks to make a can't-refuse offer to fund a real indoor training facility.

zerry ht said...

That is great; even I also love such events. I am also setting up for number of corporate events next month but I want them to be good and interesting. So, what do you think? Can I plan for beach events as well?