Saturday, May 16, 2015

Predictable TV times and other links

Since it is a Friday game, we knew BC-Florida State would be on ESPN. Friday the school announced the kickoff times and TV coverage for Maine and Howard. Predictably both will be on ESPN3. Both games start at 1 pm. At this point, the ESPN3 things shouldn't bother me. The production values have improved and you can stream it on a big screen, but the whole aspect still feels small time. The other kick times will be announced two weeks prior to the game. 

Now that Croke Park is off the table, Aviva Stadium is the likely host of a potential BC-Georgia Tech game in Ireland.

Hanlan generated good buzz at the NBA Combine. 

Baseball split their final games with Notre Dame and finished the season 27-27 (10-19 in ACC play). That buys Gambino another season and hopefully gives Bates enough momentum to get the much needed baseball facilities and funding moving.

BC will play Penn State in the Big Ten-ACC Challenge. 



JBQ said...

Obviously, BC football is in crisis mode. Addazio has a boatload of enthusiasm. If he is not able to "pull the rabbit out of the hat" next season as in 2-10, BC will not recover. It just was not a good move to schedule 3 FCS teams. There is no doubt that Northern Illinois is very good and will beat them. I trust that Addazio will build a program. Nevertheless, Brown is a disaster and Fitch is on the clock. I have lots and lots of confidence in Addazio and not much in Brown with Fitch close behind. If Addazio is farming out responsibility, then the entire program will go to "e-- in a handbasket.

Hoib said...

O must be enjoying passing to people who actually finish. Christian definetly helped him improve his game quite a bit. I hope he surprises. He deserves it w/ all the effort he put in. He' s very resilient, and never pouted when it would have been very understandable if he did.

Andrew said...

Aviva is a way nicer stadium anyways. Leaving the financial aspects aside, it would be a much more enjoyable experience for the fans

chicagofire1871 said...

Home attendance is a completely different animal from "event" attendance. BC will travel for this.