Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Fitch talks and other links

BC posted an interview with new Offensive Coordinator Todd Fitch. Fitch doesn't get into Xs and Os or reveal much of anything. However, you do start to understand how the promotion all came together. I think Fitch also makes it pretty clear how important being in house was for the offense and for him taking the job. Plus he acknowledges Addazio's influence. We will throw more next year, but we are still going to be run heavy.

While still working on the 2016 recruiting class, the football staff is also making plenty of offers for the 2017 class. One of the latest targets is Florida OL prospect Jonathon MacCollister.

Softball begins play in the ACC Tournament on Thurday. The Eagles face Florida State.

Former Eagle Will Magarity transferred to Davidson. I hope he recovers from his head injuries and succeeds there. The only surprise to me is that he didn't end up at Penn with Steve Donahue.


Ry said...

Scholarship is in play at Davidson, not at UPenn.

JBQ said...

I am looking forward to seeing what Fitch can do. He has all the tools. BC is a run team but they have to throw a tad bit more. Last season was a nightmare in that regard with Murphy. They did the best with what they had. I am afraid that the defense under Brown will self destruct. You just cannot blitz on every play. You leave the middle wide open. I have very little confidence in his ability. In fact, I thought that Spaziani had a better defensive scheme than Brown. The way things stand, ND will click up 60 at Fenway. Maine and Howard will be their only tough victories. Northern Illinois is a very good squad. BC really needs to do some soul searching on defense before the season approaches.

SeaDub said...

Will Magarity will be in GREAT hands at Davidson. have had the opportunity to get to know their coaching staff and program this past year and if I had an intelligent college bound hoops kid, I would be pushing Davidson.