Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Another candid Addazio press conference

People have been really critical of the QB situation. Just look at some of these quotes:

"...quarterback play has to get better and there are varying different reasons for those things. Some is age, some is not, but that is what we have to get better."

"I'm not sure at this point that either one can handle the whole game."

"Troy - on that last play - he just ran himself to a problem. It was a tremendous pocket. Stand there and deliver the ball! If you don't like it, shiver up and run vertically because all we were trying to do was to get seven more yards to get a field goal, or at least an attempt..."

Those quotes aren't from a message board. They're from Steve Addazio. As much as I question what Addazio is doing, I am always thankful for his candor in these weekly press conferences. Maybe because he's not getting grilled by a horde of SEC local media types. It is probably just Vega, Thompson, and a few student reporters. Maybe he has his guard down. But he admits that he's hoping one of the guys steps up and takes the decision away from him. He shares a story about going to his own defensive staff and getting their opinion. Clearly the staff is struggling with each guy's limitation and as Addazio said the expectations to win now vs developing a player.

Addazio is also candid about his criticism of Special Teams, Hilliman, the OLine and Alston. And I think he does it without really blaming any of the guys or throwing them under the bus. There's nothing here that crosses a line, but it is more than most coaches would say. Or at least more than past BC coaches ever said.

Speaking your mind or playing it close to the vest doesn't matter if we don't win. And we need to win this weekend. If not I think Addazio's press conferences will take a very different tone.


Hoib said...

He is very candid. If we lose the tone of the press conferences will change, but he won't. He'll continue to give everything he has right up till the end, just like his players.

mod34b said...

I like the candor. I think he always has been more candid that the past BC coaches. But that is a very low bar; Spaz (a moron before the mike) and TOB (100% sphincter control)

JBQ said...

The play calling has been brutal. Flutie ran for 7 and then was hurt on a clean hit. Smith then tried to pass twice.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Interesting. Coach is critical of the QB who averaged 16 yards per attempt but has no negative comments about the QB who threw 13 times and gained 12 yards, less than one yard per attempt. If a college team runs 66 offensive plays in a game and half are passes. And that team averages 16 yards per attempt they will have thrown for about 500 yards. Would Daz criticize that QB for his 500 yard performance? It was a totally ungenerous act not to praise Flutie for his play. Anyone who saw the Duke game and saw parity between the QB performances is either blind or deceptive.

EL MIZ said...

its official - NED is College Observer of yesteryear, or just a wonderful troll.

i personally miss Ned's opinions on the SEC and whether their perceived dominance in the press lines up with the reality.

blist said...

What is it with BC fans this season? Everyone's unhappy and out for blood when they're not measuring Troy Flutie for his Alumni statue. Our starting QB broke his ankle. Even when that starter is mediocre (Chris Crane), it still is a really difficult situation for a football team to overcome -- even if the replacement has a high ceiling (remember Paul Peterson and Matt Ryan and the Syracuse blowout?) Besides that, our OL is all new too. The ACC title was never the bar we were going to reach. Is Daz perfect? No, but who is? Nick Saban and Urban Meyer aren't coming to Chestnut Hill.

mod10aeagle said...

I don't think anyone would disagree with the statement that both Flutie and Smith need time and reps to develop into D1 QBs who can, in Addazio's words, "handle the whole game". The question is if it's possible for either of them to develop sufficiently while sharing reps. If we had two candidates with comparable skill sets running one offense, it would still take an entire season, at least, to see much development in either QB. But these two guys are built for very different offenses. So, not only are we slow-playing the development of a QB, we're also delaying the development of a consistent offense.

I don't care which one he chooses, but he has to choose just one and then build the offense around him.

CT said...

Well, the reason Smith came to BC is because most colleges saw him as a DB, right? Even Urban Meyer. He's fairly intelligent.

Saw the Globe article on both guys recently. Said Daz...

“I definitely like a guy that can move around. I’m not opposed to a great throwing quarterback . . . I just like some mobility.”

I'm glad he's not opposed to a QB who can, you know, throw the ball.

“He’s got to develop (Smith). He’s been here a couple months. He’s just a young kid. What’s happening right now is a lot of young kids are getting forced into play probably prior to an ideal situation when you would play them. But that’ll pay dividends for you. Maybe not right this second, but it will pay dividends.”

Read: I'm feeling 2017. Really, really feeling it. 2015 and 2016, not so much.

Love the new quiz to verify my humanness before posting. Such pressure.

Hoib said...


Glad to know you're human, was starting to wonder, haha!

dixieagle said...

I just want them to generate enough offense to win Saturday, as it will be the first BC home game I've been able to fly in for in years. Even mediocre QB play should suffice with that tremendous D. (A pick 6 would be a nice bonus.)

Hoib said...


Enjoy the game!